I have a stoma on my side<br><br>
but I will not retreat or hide.<br><br>
I see no need to expose it<br><br>
no one knows &lsquo;till I disclose it.<br><br>

My stoma is just purposeful<br><br>
and I must live life to the full.<br><br>
I make the most of what I&rsquo;ve got<br><br>
thus, I enjoy my life a lot.<br><br>

I don&rsquo;t let things get in my way<br><br>
So get the best from every day.<br><br>
Mine&rsquo;s a positive attitude<br><br>
which leaves me lots of latitude.<br><br>

My stoma does not interfere<br><br>
and neither does my stoma gear.<br><br>
There is no point to fuss with it<br><br>
for everyone must have to shit.<br><br>

Yet very few will share with you<br><br>
the ins and outs of their own poo.<br><br>
So why would those with stomas say<br><br>
how and when they poo each day.<br><br>

It&rsquo;s not that people want to know<br><br>
or if they did they&rsquo;d let it show.<br><br>
But if and when there&rsquo;s interest<br><br>
I will explain, or do my best.<br><br>

So if the subject does arise<br><br>
it will not take me by surprise.<br><br>
I know my stoma inside out<br><br>
and can explain what it&rsquo;s about.<br><br>

So though the stoma&rsquo;s part of me<br><br>
I live my life and I am free.<br><br>
I will not tell until disposed<br><br>
so no one knows &lsquo;till I disclose.<br><br>

B. Withers 2013<br><br>
Just want to thank you Bill. I'm not a literary scholar but I recognize creativity, well written thoughts and enjoy the poetry. For those of us who took the time to really read your stuff we're greatly rewarded. You said a whole lot more than one might think in this verse. Thanks for sharing your skill and wisdom.Mike
Hello iMacG5. Thank you for your post. I really appreciate the feedback on these verses from people who know about the subject matter. It's not as if there is a wider audience out there that might be interested in these sorts of things so comments from people who know and understand become that much more pertinent.I too am not a literary scholar. Indeed it was really hard for me to start writing rhyming verse partly because I was not over enthusiastic about that style of writing and partly because I was well aware that it has a limited appeal to others as well. As for the 'skill and wisdom' bit. I am still trying to acquire the former and the wisdom is what I gain from reading and listening to what others are saying about the problems they experience and manage in their day to day lives. The rhyming verses are often an attempt to capture what other people have expressed so well in their own blogs and forum discussions so most of the credit must go to them. I only try to make it rhyme!!Best wishes Bill
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Thank you for the post. I just had mine done in September and actually feel guilty about it like I've done something wrong. This was well done!

Hello cancernomore. Thanks for the comment and appreciation of the verse. Guilt is one of those more 'interesting' emotions in that it is sometimes hard to ascertain exactly where it comes from and where it is going.The one thing we know about emotion is that it is the polar opposite of 'logic'. Hence there is often no logical explanation for guilt. Mind you, that won't stop the psychologists/psychiatrists (and others) pontificating on what they think it is and how they can 'cure' it. Like other emotions guilt is probably an 'instinctive' reaction over which we have very little control at the beginning. However, once we start using 'logic' and thinking it through the instinct gets transformed into a more rational reasoning We then begin to understand that there was nothing really to feel guilty about as there was no blame to lay and no fault to be found. These types of conditions are not usually self-made and the unfortunate consequences such as a stoma are therefore not something to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about. Sometimes logical conclusions take a bit of working at before they can overcome and neutralise negative emotions. However, with your description of yourself as having been strong and independent I feel sure that it will not take long before you are back that way again. Best wishes Bill
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Great poem and very wise. I rarely disclose, it's private.

Hello Picasso. Thanks for letting us know that you appreciated the poem as this sort of information is important in helping me to know that there are people who still read this stuff. It's even more helpful to know that there are some folk's who actually enjoy them. Best wishes Bill
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