Thriving After Ileostomy Surgery: My Experience


Update to my surgery

I have a laparoscopic ileostomy after 6 years of severe UC. Doc said I'm 100% healthy now that they removed the colon. I think they were right :) My life has never been this good. I hate the bag, but my life is so good now it's hard to hate.

In the last week, I went a little crazy. As soon as I got the green light from my surgeon (6 weeks in) to go back to "normal," I did everything I could to push myself (within reason).

I know it's different how we all respond to fitness/food/drink, etc., but maybe my experience can give some hope.

Food: I'm an idiot and barely chew my food, but it all comes out somehow? Even had a few scares where I swallowed larger pieces than planned and everything comes out as paste.

Drinks: Whether it's sugary, carbonated, whatever... no issues.

Alcohol: This week I had wine, hard liquor, beer (draft and can) and nothing caused any changes. In fact, I actually slept through the night without gas for the first time. I was really drunk too ;Bahah

Exercise: Also got the green light to work out. Did a few days this week and pushed myself at about half the level I normally would (was a bodybuilder before surgery). All good ;:)

I hope this can give some hope to other noobs like me. I know I tried to find topics like this when I started out, so I hope it's helpful.


Good on you - glad to hear all is well. Although I hated my bag from day one, I find "bag hate" comes and goes these days.

It's great to be physically fit, but please keep in mind, a peristomal hernia with an ileostomy, which the doc told me is very common, is not a good thing.

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Hi Danno, glad you are doing so well. I started out hating my stoma too, but I now love it. I second what JB said about the exercise. You need to take particular caution when it comes to abdominal exercises and lifting heavy weights. A hernia can creep up on you without you realizing what is happening, and then it's too late. Be very careful. I have never returned to my pre-ostomy abdominal workout and that's fine. It was just too strenuous. Keeping those abdominals toned is important, as it will help protect you from hernia, just don't overdo it.


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Totally with you on this. I'm taking fitness a bit more seriously. I will be progressing at a much slower pace.

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Totally agree. I used to lift for strength but this time around I'll focus more on low weight, high rep. Thankfully there's a safe way to build muscle. I know the risks. Just gotta play it safe.

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So, would you say you're a lightweight now when it comes to drinking? Or was that your usual drunk?

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Naw. I got drunk at the same pace. Haha

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