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Bag Change


Hey all!

I'm on my 7th day with a bag and it's in pretty good condition. Is there any reason to change a bag if there's no reason to?

Sounds like a dumb question when you say it out loud but I'm just curious if anyone changes their bag as routine even if it's still good?

If I could push each bag as long as possible it's obviously great on the wallet. So,  I'm interested in options on the subject. 

thank you. 

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Hi Danno, I change mine every Sunday (I work Mon-Sat). Mainly just to get in a routine. I am always concerned about surprises if I go longer than that. 😬😀

PS I use a 2 piece so I have the option to change the pouch but keep the wafer on if I needed to.


Seems like the guide line is every 3 days..but I change almost daily..because after 24 hours the smell seems to seep thru the bag. When I am home ..I try keep it on another day to save money. I wear a one piece and the adhesive because weaker after several days too. During the pandemic I was working from home I decided to experiment and see how long a bag would stay on..during the 3rd day while walking the dog my bag fall was a really hot day..and I did not double check my bag before leaving the house. So my limit 2 days max.


How long your bag lasts will vary for many reasons. I do every 4 days roughly. If I push it longer, I can actually begin to smell it. Plus, 4 days works well with how hard I am on bags/seal. 


I get 10+ days with my Hollister 2 piece and Salts ring. I go till the flange extenders start to lift or any other problem. My skin is still good. I put this one on Mar 8 and it good for a few more days.


As the saying goes 'if it aint broke don't fix it' there's no right or wrong way just what's right for you.

I use a 1 piece bag I usually change every 3 or 4 days as my skin gets irritated under the flange if left any longer, at times when I've been ill and can't be bothered to change they've lasted 2 weeks without changing my skin doesn't thank me for me but no problem with bag. Salts have just ended production of the one I use so time to see if my next one can take the abuse I throw at it lol I'm sure it will stand up to it.


I think you just learn from experience as you go, what works for you.  If you have a leak, you've waited too long!  Make sure you look at your old flange when you remove it.  I change every six days, and have several times gone for seven, so I know that I can, but I can see from how much the output has affected the flange, that it was pretty much at its limit.  I choose to change on day six to be on the safe side.  I have never experienced smell, no matter how long I've gone, but that would certainly be an indication that it needs to be changed. 



I change once a week and have no issues.  Likely could go much longer. I do wear a stealth belt all the time so think that helps. I'm also extremely rough on my bag with no issues. Just came back from Florida and a typical day was going for a run then jumping in the ocean going back to the condo and spending a few hours in the pool. My first big trip since surgery so was a little worried and thought I would change more often but didn't need to. Usually if I feel any irritation I would change 


yea.. that cant escape it. but its an indicator something is leaking past the seal.

check the perimeter ever day. too.

u will know the min and max amount of days  u can go between changes. 

if you are sealed properly might get up to 7 days. after that you are pushing it. 


7 days!  Go for it. 


I think there is a lot of different strokes for different folks in this. If I go as much as 7 days, I start having irritation issues. Thus. I have settled on every Tuesday and Saturday. The more frequent changes help keep the skin irritation down. My wound nurse in the hospital told me it was best to change every 3 days. It took me a few months to really see that she was right about that. :-)

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