Update: Life After Reversal - Staying Connected

Wildflower 81

Wanted to jump on and give a quick update... I just had my reversal and so far, so good. I have the utmost respect for all of you who can't have the opportunity of reversal and must remain an ostomate permanently. While I have been reversed, I choose to stay a part of this group that I needed for a few short months, once you've lived this life a reversal doesn't mean you can simply "unlive" it. Thank you for being a part of my life when I felt more alone than I ever have.


You're home and you're back!!!!!

Were you hinting at your inner Adele with your title?

But seriously now the song is stuck in my head.

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Glad to hear things are going good!!! Sounds like you made it off the Island of Misfit Toys..........enjoy your new (old) life! And remind Santa we're still here waiting for our turn!



Wonderful news!!!

Wildflower 81
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I truly wish that for everyone....."Hey Fatman in the Red Suit, what about Bob"??? And while I may have made it off the island, I'm still a misfit toy who chooses to visit!

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What about Bob hahaha


Did you see that movie?

Wildflower 81
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Rudolph or What about Bob?? Lol

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What about Bob lol

I hope you've seen Rudolph


Good for you, girl. That's great news.

Wildflower 81
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If a child makes it through their raising without having seen Rudolph, then I feel very sorry for them... Ok, kiddo, it's time to remove the bubble wrap and blinders your folks put you in and step into an unsheltered life now... You can do it, lil buddy!

Wildflower 81
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OMG, that was totally what I was thinking when I made this post!!!!

Wildflower 81
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Thanks, Axl!


This is wonderful news! Good for you. Hope you will stay a part of our special group for as long as you want. You are still one of us, even if you poop out of your bum now. Hey, we can't all be perfect!



Good luck to you, Wildflower,

I got the Barby Bum so no way going back, but to be honest I prefer it this way to before. Life is now so much easier not looking for a toilet all the time.

Regards, IGGIE



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