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Dear fellow Ostomates - first up, thank you for this excellent forum, it is so comforting to know I'm not alone.

Second, I really need some advice with a leaking bag. I feel I must be missing something. I have had an ileostomy for six months. Had a few leaks at first, then tried a convex plate on a one piece bag with ring, and always tried to heat it somehow. I had no problems at all for about 3-4 months. Then my skin got super irritated raw, and I tried pastes, barrier wipes, different rings and things got worse. I went to see the stoma nurses. They said my stoma had shrunk a little so they gave me bags with smaller convex plates and I tried cutting the hole smaller. I am also wearing. belt 24/7. My main problem- I think? - is that my stoma is tiny and flush with my skin, so I gather is more prone to trouble.

But does anyone have any suggestions? I am going bonkers with this, constantly on edge, worried I'll pop... just had an issue in a major train station in Tokyo. Nightmare. Any help would be SO appreciated.


Hi Flo

When I had my first stoma it was a flush and very small, 25mm diameter. It took a while to get my set up worked out but what changed things for me was cavilion spray and a salts ring. As the stoma didn't protrude I used a ring and bag hole that was quite a bit smaller than the circumference of the stoma perimeter, yet left just enough room for the stoma to work. Wish I could go back to that but my stoma now is larger and protrudes so not going to happen but it did work well for me.

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thanks Axl - yeah mine is 19 mm, tiny. thanks so much for those tips, when do you use the spray?

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I used the spray every change, spray first, not to much, two squirts max, then ring , then bag,practice the spray first on the back of your hand. The spray healed the raw skin for me but I don't use it anymore as I don't need it now and I've always used a belt too. 19 mm is tiny, that's great.

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Hi, Have you used hard convex. I found that the softer one is more prone to leaks when I have used them.

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that's interesting - i'm not even sure - it's the sensura one piece drainable pouch?

So is it leaking from the bag itself or from the baseplate. I use coloplast elastic tape around my plate and it has saves me from so many leaks. Was a lifesaver!! Hope this helps

Maybe try a hard convex. Are you using sensura mio or just sensura? Mio comes in deep convex. Other than that convatec makes one called active life deep convex . It worked really well for me but I got adhesive allergies and had to switch. Also convatec can do a video stoma nurse visit while you're in your bathroom so they can see everything. Good luck but convexity is going to be the way to go. Mine is flat too.

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