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Hello. I am scheduled to have this surgery soon to remove my rectum. I already have an ileostomy because of ulcerative colitis so I don't have to worry about that. And I've read many of the posts of the surgery and recovery. But I wanted to actually ask for myself about the recovery and get some advice. I'm scheduled to have it May 22nd so it's coming up. I actually would not have known how bad my rectum is had I not got an obstruction and was told by my surgeon, who did my other surgeries and will be doing this surgery, I should get my rectum checked out. With the sigmoidoscopy they could only check about one inch of my 6-7 inch rectum cause it was so inflamed. Doesn't bother me at all I hardly know it's there but it is a threat to me and I have no choice but to get it removed since they can't check it for cancer. I will have 6 weeks off work at least to recover. I work a very physical job doing janitorial with a plan to become a Facilities Maintenance Engineer/Specialist, which is a very physical job as well. I like to be active and I walk a lot. I walk my dogs often and chase them in the field. I like to ride my bike. I'm pretty healthy right now and in good shape and am actually preparing for this. Much different than when I was sick and in the hospital for 4 weeks before they removed my colon and I was there another 2 weeks. 6 weeks total. I know there's a lot of stuff I won't be able to do for some time. And I know I'm gonna need to make adjustments to my life. So any advice is appreciated like how your recovery was, like length of time, difficulties, pain, adjustments, and what your abilities are now. Also if anyone had any complications. My surgeon is very good and I trust him, but I know with this surgery it can be done to 100% success with no errors and there could still be complications. I feel alright about the surgery. I'd rather not have to have this done, but it is well with my soul, and I think this will help prepare me even more. So anyway thank you to anyone who responds to this post and God bless you.


Get ready to not sit for a while. I had complications so mine probably took longer than normal but if you already have an ostomy, the Barbie Butt thing is no big deal, it just takes time. And probably more time than you think it should or that you feel you need. Take the extra time and let it heal properly.

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Hi Lowkey, I echo what Alex said. I actually had my J-pouch cut out, permanent ostomy created, and butt sewn closed all in the same surgery so yours sounds easier. You will be leaning to one side for a while. I advise against a donut pillow because that pulls your cheeks apart and would suggest simply a soft one. I bought several cheap microbead pillows and sat on those for several weeks. Hopefully you'll get some pain meds for early on and then switch over to Tylenol until the pain is gone. I teach fitness classes and returned after about two months. Good luck!


Well, I can't ride my bike anymore, that contact area with the seat...just no. Pickleball works though. I still feel all of my previous surgeries but extreme pain is a thing of the past. Your physical job will help in recovery I think. I was a lazy turd post-surgery and it cost me. Onward and upward!

Bob 48

I had the same surgery as eefyjig. The first few weeks after surgery were rough down there. I sat on something soft and alternated butt cheeks while sitting. I also like to ride bikes and was determined to be able to do that eventually. My surgeon told me not to try it till the following year, which was 5 months away, so 6 weeks post-surgery I started sitting on the toilet very carefully to empty my bag to try to stretch skin some down there before it was too late to make a difference. It hurt like hell at first and can still be uncomfortable if I get too careless about it, but riding my bikes, I have 4, is pain-free now. I also put a suspension seatpost on the bike I ride the most on, and that has helped also.

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Here's the pillow I was given from the hospital....

ron in mich

Hi Lowkey, I had my butt removed when I had my original ileo. surgery and was pretty sick at the time, but I took it easy for 8 weeks. I was allowed off work. I also like riding bikes and ATV but that was not possible for almost a year, but I do it now no problem. Good luck.


I thank all of you for your replies. It gives me more hope I'll get through this. And more hope to be able to ride my bike again in the future.


Do not wear too thick of a pad on your incision, it will put extra pressure on it. You might need a proper seat on your bike, standard ones may be uncomfortable.

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