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First Time Travelling


Well, I finally have travelled for the first time since my ileostomy in 2017. Wasn't sure how many "ostomy kits" I should take with me so, in the words of my grandma "better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it".

My journey began as a trip to California for the memorial of my 96 year old cousin....4 flights in 4 days and 2-2hr car rides later, I arrived back home. Three days after I returned, I had a lovely trip to the, nothing to do with my ostomy...but my right foot and leg were extrememely swollen and cold to the an ekg, blood labs, chest x-ray and an ultrasound of both of my legs, the consensus was "4 flights in 4 days plus 2-2hr car rides" that had caused all of the swelling, as my cardio doc says "well, better safe than sorry". 

I had visions of bag leaks while I slept, or in the car or even on the plane--but nope nothing! Praise Jesus! Now, as we all know, our ostomy's are always in the back of our minds, but I'm here to say that all went very well on my trip--and I'm looking forward to my next adventure..

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Yaaaaay ... Good for you


After six years, you are now a confirmed ostomy pro.  Good for you!  


Congrats.   May you enjoy many more journeys 🍷🌈


Don't  make this your last adventure, but no more trips to ER. You need to walk on your long rides whether it is on a plane or card .


And wear compression stockings. Kudos.


Well done!  Now you will be confident in your next journey.


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