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Hello all,

I had my surgery in April 2023 when Stanley my ileostomy was made. It has made an amazing improvement in my life.

In the last few weeks I seem to have a bigger bulge in the mummy tummy on Stanley's side compared to the other side and a frequent heavy dragging feeling..... Hence I wonder if I am developing a hernia?

Am due to see my stoma nurse next week but wondered if anyone could recommend a good hernia support belt.... Do they work? Do they help? Any advice welcomed.

Thank you




That belt picture is from Nu-Hope I'm a plumber and I've been using them for 20 years they offer great support and comfort

you should be able to get them from your Ostomy supplier. Their website is nu-hope.com

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Is the companyAmerican.


I use Nu-Hope. Pretty comfortable. They have an extensive catalog of belts. Prompt shipping too. They are located in Pacoima, California.

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I agree with Nu-Hope. they are amazing with helping find a good fit product if you need it.

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I was measured by 2 WOC nurses for a "proper" fit....it turned out to be a bit different from the one I initially purchased on line. For me, neither are very comfortable after an hour or so as they seem to squeeze ole' Seymour (stoma's name) outward more than we like... . jb


Nu-Hope Cool Comfort works for me. 2009 ileostomy. I had the same bulge starting back in 2011. WOC Nurse ordered stoma belt. The bulge hasn't gotten any larger and no hernia yet.


I use the nu hope belt. I really like it and I use it everyday. However...

When my ostomy nurse ordered it she ordered the wrong size that did not fit properly on my appliance. As a result it kept ripping the bag off so I stopped wearing it. Big mistake I now have quite a large hernia.

So I called nu hope directly and they helped me get the right belt for me. In addition to daily use I really appreciate it when I asick and have to cough. I made a sleeve with comfortable fabric to slip around it since I wear it all day. The belt is not terrible but nice fabric on skin is nicer.


My stoma nurse ordered me one from CuiWear in the UK.


I use the belt for excerises. It does the job but I'm sure theres better ones out there.

Also, for daily wear I use a hernia support vest from Vanila Blush - its comfortable, gives great support and provides a snug fit around the stoma.

Avalible on prescription in UK


Good luck!


Nu-Hope does have a prolapse strap belt that will hold down the stoma. I tried mine for a full day. Squished my stoma, resulting in reduced bulge showing thru my shirt. But...mucho pancaking. Had to change my wafer bag. So I cut off the prolapse strap.

I'm going to sew velcro on the side of the ring where strap was cutoff, and the cut side of the prolapse strap. So velcro on both sides of the ring. That way instead of pulling the strap over the stoma, I can lay the strap on top. Gives me better control of the pressure exerted by the strap on my stoma.


Another Nu-Hope fan. My WOC nurse ordered one when I had a small mound protruding around my stoma and it gives excellent and comfortable support during the day and flattens my abdomen nicely. 


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Do you know if the company  is American  or European. 


Nu Hope is headquartered in California USA.

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Thanks for this info...I just saw my wound care nurse since I have a new bulge under my stoma - I think it was from a coughing spell a month ago.  As much as I tried to hold my stoma in while I coughed, it was almost impossible since the cough was relentless for weeks.  My wound nurse just took measurements and hopefully it will arrive soon - she said these Nu- Hope belts are the best.  I assume this something I would wear all day - but can it be taken off at night?  The only time I don't notice the bulge is when I'm laying down, I think the nurse called my hernia retractable.  And I guess they won't fix it until my reversal, so I'll have to deal with it until then. Can't believe I am only 4 months in and already have a hernia!   

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