Post-Op Hip/Pelvic Pain: Seeking Advice


Hi, I'm now 5 weeks post-op for diverticulitis, have a colostomy (had open surgery twice back to back) and wondering if anyone has/had hip and pelvic pain after their surgery? I didn't have hip/pelvic pain until this week… I was doing well and started noticing waking up at night with hip/pelvic pain but mostly it's after walking. I think it's the way I'm sleeping, could be arthritis maybe, but doc appt isn't until Wednesday so thought I would take to the site and see if anyone experienced something similar weeks/months after surgery and what resolved it if anything? I have high anxiety, it's really bad to be honest and am freaked out and terrified by every single thing then I worry so much I can't eat or sleep. Anyone with something similar?


Hey 😃

Did they remove any of your colon?

Is the pain worse on the side where your stoma is?

You're only a few weeks out from 2 open surgeries if I read that correctly. Abdominal surgeries are their own type of pain because they go through so many muscles/connective tissues to get to the organs underneath. I had forgotten what the pain was like (I had an open abdominal surgery during my first pregnancy) and after I had my colon removed the first time I went to get up I had all these memories come flooding back that I had forgotten about- of pain. Cleveland Clinic likes to prescribe Gabapentin (I think I'm using the generic name for the drug) for pain a lot vs opioids so that may be something to ask your doctor about. If you're concerned make a call today before the weekend. I still have pain in the muscle under my stoma site, it attaches in the front of the spine and wraps around the back of the spine so even things like unloading my dishwasher got me in trouble- by that I mean the surgeon lecturing me about what I should and should not be doing. Cleveland Clinic has a chronic pelvic pain clinic. I would ask your provider if there is anything like that near you. Also physical therapy/pelvic floor therapy- I really don't know why PT is not prescribed for everyone who has these types of surgeries. For the anxiety, is that something you are already being treated for or did it kick up after your surgeries?

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Thank you for responding. I appreciate you! Yes, I still have my colon and yes, it hurts more on the stoma side, but it's not excruciating, thank goodness. The surgeon's office is closed on Fridays, and they told me the pain is not related to the stoma surgery and to call the GP. Every time I call them, they say call the GP. Ugh, I called the doc and advanced my appointment to Monday. I'll ask my doc about PT. I've never taken meds for my anxiety; it stems from childhood trauma. I just manage it on my own, but since I can't get out and exercise the way I need to, it's getting so bad, but I don't want to take more meds.


Hello MoeMoe,

If the pain continues, ask for a CT scan of the area. Until investigated properly, a doctor can't really say it's unrelated to your ostomy surgery. I have decades of first-hand medical experience. The biggest mistakes I ever made were listening to doctors tell me everything was okay. Later... it was not okay. Pain is not normal. I refuse pain medication because I want to know exactly where it hurts, how severe, and for how long. Write down your pain symptoms and your concerns on paper. Take it with you to your appointment. This way you won't get sidetracked or forget something you wanted to ask. Also, it's handy to write down any instructions they give. Let us know what happens.


Will do! Thank you so very much for the info and your input, I appreciate you!

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Are you able to get outside and go for short walks? Even that can help calm the mind and it's so good for you post surgery. One day at a time ☺️


I have hip and pelvic pain. I walk and do gentle stretches from a chair yoga program the VA offered.

My problem that's not improving is nerve numbness that runs along my outer thigh all the way to my knees.


Hi. I had my operation one year ago. Emergency surgery, diverticulitis. I have a colostomy. I have pain in my lower back left side, mostly after walking. I'm not sure why! I walk with a walking stick now. I'm very slow, I'm 75 soon.


Hi everyone, went to the doc and am waiting on a referral for a CT scan. Sometimes there's pain upon stoma output but not much and only sometimes. I hope it's not a hernia. I haven't been wearing a binder since I can't find one that fits well. I've tried 5 so far. I'm going to try cutting a hole in the one I have left. We'll see what the CT scan reveals. I don't have any bulges so I really, really hope it's the way I'm sleeping because right now I can only sleep on the side that does not have the stoma. I have side pain in the hip/pelvic area about waistline down to pelvic bone that comes and goes on the stoma side. If anyone has had anything like this, I'd appreciate any info while I wait for my referral. Thank you!! 

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Hi Reedie, I did read somewhere that it could be pelvic floor related, but I don't know anything about that. Do some research and take it to the site…. Someone on here has probably had something similar. Plus, talk to your primary care physician too. They can order tests to help you figure it out. Someone above said pain is not normal, and I find that is a true statement. I'm going to keep in touch with you, my friend! Be well! 


Some more of my experience:

For 3 months after my surgery, my left hip and leg were weak and painful. I could hardly walk up or down stairs. Heck, I had pain just walking. Finally it slowly went away. After 5 months, I could sleep on the same side as my ostomy without discomfort.

There is a condition called "post sepsis syndrome." Usually strikes within 90 days of recovering from sepsis and includes fatigue, joint pain, and panic attacks. The symptoms can last anywhere from six to 18 months.

In my case, I had the joint pain, fatigue, and most of my hair fell out in 2 days. I had to wear a beanie cap for 2 months until my hair grew back. It freaked me out to have handfuls of hair come off. I went to my doctor and he informed me about post sepsis syndrome. There is a lot of information on the internet about it.


OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that! I don't have joint pain and my hip pain just started a little over a week ago and I'm 5 weeks post-op. Did your pain come on out of nowhere or did you have pain right after surgery?


Joint and hip pain increased about 2 months post op. Lasted till about 5 months.


The CT scan showed possible mesentery panniculitis. I have to see a colorectal doc now. I started a new post on this but thought I would respond on this thread too. I read that it was underreported since most times it goes away on its own after a few weeks or months and some need treatment. It can develop after abdominal surgery as well. Anyone had or is dealing with this? I'm super scared.