Good morning,

I am new to the ostomy world.  What pants/jeans do you all wear that are comfortable around your stoma?

Thank you!


Scrubs with elastic in the back, and a tie in front, White Stag makes comfy jeans with elastic in the back. Check out thrift stores, nice clothes and not expensive.😸

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Hello Kari and welcome :-)

My stoma is slightly below belly button my choice is for high wasted pants or skirts.

Most comfortable ones are elasticated ones: jeans or cotton, no need to be always in sport legging!

Personally I do not like to feel constricted, so if the elastic is not soft enough, I prefer to size up (also help once bag starts to bulge).

Another option are dresses! 

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Yes! Dresses! I got some on clearance at a thrift store for 25 cents a piece! 

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I also wear high waisted jeans and  dresses. Leggings with the blouse that comes down enough to cover my butt. Welcome.

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Leggings high or low rise, Jeggings again high or low rise, the brand Seven has a ‘tummyless’ jean that is more comfortable but looks more like traditional jeans, traditional jeans are easier to go low rise with depending on stoma placement. I have a friend only about a month out from her ileostomy rocking regular jeans and crop shirts. She’s about 6ft tall though and has a lot more torso length than I do (she’s on TikTok and IG if u ever want to see what she wears). During the warmer months I love dresses. It really comes down to what you are comfortable wearing. I think I have a picture with my kids on my profile right now and the black/white romper I’m wearing in the picture- no one could tell when I had an ostomy bag under it. The only time I’m not a fan of rompers is traveling…. Not great for rest area/airplane bathrooms.  


Overhauls, Walmart has them.


Tight stretch pants help to hold my gear in place and is comfortable as I have paristomal hernia and the hernia belts are quite uncomfortable for me.  I also wear longer tops to cover some indiscretions

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Super cute! Look at you all coordinated 😃

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Dungarees is the other name for them. Not entirely feminine for the ladies to wear some people think, but they are wrong. Ideal for both sexes if you work on a farm.

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ATTENTION FASHION POLICE 👮‍♀️ !!!  - please don’t take my tight pants and/or skinny jeans away !!!  Those baggy ones with not support my hernia and the belts are excruciatingly uncomfortable…guess  it doesn’t matter - at my advanced age I will  just have to play my old peoples’ card and short peoples’ card and stoma peoples’ card and lordy, lordy whatever comes next !


Looks good

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They are back in style right now with a lot of other 90’s trends …tbd if it’s been good to see overalls again

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I went into a store known for their jeans and asked with my height realistically are me and the current styles an option and they told me being petite to stick with skinny jeans. I feel like Audrey Hepburn always pulled off that look throughout her decades. Let me know next time I’m in FL if you want to go shopping 😃


She looks good..but when it comes time to go to the bathroom overalls can be a headache for woman.

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Exactly - especially when in public - unleash them and they will mop the floor in a stall 😬🤬. jb


This is what I wore to Christmas last year 😂


I find that low rise aren’t comfortable and high waisted aren’t either. My ileostomy is right below my belly button. I had to buy some new clothes and got overalls and jumpsuits. Some of them are super cute! I even bought nightgowns because pj pants were uncomfortable. Now I’m closer to three months post op and can tolerate some leggings that aren’t too tight. But a longer inseam is the key for me. Good luck! 


I’ve found the under the belly skinny maternity jeans with the belt that clips on the belt loops and doesn’t need to go in front.  You can’t tell they’re maternity jeans and with a longer top you can’t see the top of the bag


leggings and panama pants have been my faves since ive gotten the ileo. i find jeans to be too tight on the stoma and doesnt allow much room as the bag is filling up through the day. ive had bags pop on me while wearing jeans. it was all trial and error for me though. do what makes you comfortable and confident. you will learn quickly when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. i wish you the best on your journey. 

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