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Hello all,

I'm 5 weeks post surgery, and I still till feel tired most of the time. I did see Gastro doctor yesterday and she is running blood tests to see what levels are low. 

My question is for those further along than me in this journey.  Do you remember how long it took after your surgery to feel like yourself again. 

I know the surgery takes it out of you, and recovery is different for everyone, but I'd love to know your experience 

Thank you


3 months before I could walk my dog by myself again. He is 63vlbs and high energy. We are back to 2 miles a day, we were doing 4. This might take a minute, my surgery was in July. 

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Honestly, in my mind about a week. My body, months but I had complications. I remodeled the upstairs of my house a month after surgery. 


6 months till I felt normal again.

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Wow! Only a month? I took a walk today,  and I was tired. 

The mind part is coming along. As I am feeling more confident with the whole process,  my anxiety is less


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Thank you. I'm taking walks when I can. It turned so cold here so quickly, but today was nice so I took a short one. 


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From the folks I've talked to , 3-6 months seems to be the answer. 


Morning glory

It  took at least 6 months for me. Happy that your anxiety is getting  better.


A good six months ..


Don't rush take your time trust me I never listened now I have 3 separate herniers I am waiting to therm sorted I'm only 5 mth in and wish I would have found the lovely people on here earlier there a great bunch with lots of good advice


I’m 4 months post ileostomy and barbie butt. I don’t quite feel back to normal yet but getting there. My body was at a very low point before surgery with a long UC flare. It’s  the mental health side of things that are tough for me at the moment. Anxiety and low mood etc


Your body has been through hell takes time physically & emotionally to recover, I had a few things go wrong after first surgery and caught MRSA wound infection it took me about 1 year that time to recover, after more emergency few years later and lots of complications took me over 2 years.....easier to say than do try not to compare your recovery to anyone else's as we all do it in our own time.


I'd say it was a solid month before I was doing a whole lot, but I think part of that was due to how sick I was prior to surgery.  I'm sure that whatever led you to the point of having surgery was just as rough as the surgery itself.  Everyone's different.  Ease into things.


Thank you.  Yes, I was very sick before my surgery, so I am sure that is part of it. 

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Thanks Ben. You have had a journey.  Glad you are doing better now. 

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I am still working on the mental part myself. My anxiety has lessened,  but is still there.  Being tired has also made me feel a bit down. I understand how you are feeling. Take care and thanks!

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Thank you Mark.  I am so grateful to have found this site. So many wonderful people, who understand my challenges. 

Healing thoughts your way,  and I hope you get answers soon.

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Thanks Nina. Hope your anxiety continues to improve and your mood lifts with time…

 Hoping the same for myself Lol  🫶🏼

People keep saying to me to have self compassion. Kinda thought that after 4 months I’d be in a better head space but guess you can’t predict how you’re going to feel. 

Mysterious Mose

Given that I was in the hospital for 3 months, 2 months post colectomy, I really did not start "feeling myself" until about 5 months post surgery. But, my progress was slowed by a bout of pneumonia and then pancreatitis. We all got to where we are through many varied paths. The long and short of it is, you will get there. Takes time, patience, and a belief in yourself. :-)


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Thank you!

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Hugs to you!

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Thank you.  I have my good days, and not so good days. Buy I'm taking it day by day, which is all we can don.

Newbie Dana

The main thing is to not dwell on it, take small steps, and keep moving forward. You probably won't realize how far you've come until you look back, because it's very gradual. It takes as long as it takes, and is different for everybody, because this is seldom a surgery that happens alone - there's usually some other condition (cancer, Crohn's, peritonitis from perforated colon, etc) that causes the surgery to be performed in the first place, and all of them also take a toll on your body. Think positive! It really does make a difference, both mentally and physically. And remember: You are alive and recovering. You can go forward and live a reasonably normal life; it just takes time. Don't get discouraged.


Thank you Dana, appreciate the encouragement.!


Three months until I noticed I was handling everything better and was getting my energy back, but 5 months until I was truly back to normal.


Hi, I’m 5 months post op and I’m finally feeling like I’ getting some of my normal back. I had perforation from diverticulitis with 2 open surgeries within a month of each other. The hardest thing for me to combat was the mental anguish and anxiety, oh the anxiety was soooo bad! For me, the mental part of the whole thing was way worse than the physical pain. Everyone here has been so nice and supportive and answered all of my questions and made me feel better about what I’ve gone thru. Now at month 5, I can look back and remember thinking to myself I’ll never find peace or get to a normal life, but here I am! Feeling better and stronger every passing day. I still have bad days and still scared to eat a lot of things but my amazing son hugs me and everything is better in that moment.  As everyone has said, we all heal differently BUT we are all bold and brave and so strong!  With time, our normal will come 🙂 

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Hi MoeMoe,

Appreciate the response and encouragement. Working on the mental part here too. Some days better than others,  but one day at a time.


Many factors control your healing time.  Age, pre-op physical shape, post-op PT, complications, diet & mental attitude.  Mayo told me I would go home in 2 wks?  I had many post op issues, second surgery, ICU & a 5 wk stay,  Then 3.5 mths in a nursing home.  I walked 1/2 ml after 7 mths.  It's now over 4 yrs & I can walk 10 mls.  I recommend PT, to speed up your healing.

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Surgery in August after sepsis from ruptured diverticulitis. At first could only make it to the mailbox. Now walking almost 2 miles each day or at the gym with biking, weights and treadmill. I was frustrated with energy being poor for many weeks but fluids, exercising and protein are key. I increased exercise slightly every other day. I am just now feeling normal energy and good mood. Be patient with yourself and your progress. Don’t give up. Do what brings you joy!

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Thank you.

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