Redness and itchiness from adhesive


Hello everyone!  So glad I found this forum!  

How do you deal with the redness and itching from the adhesive stuff.  My poor belly is so red and raw.  We had try using a spray and than stoma powder before changing the bag.  I also switched from gauze tape to a paper tape if areas need to be taped down.  My boyfriend thinks that the powder and spray may have been causing the adhesion issues.  But... reading here now, changing the bag every 2-3 days may not be that unusual?

I appreciate any insight and tips y'all can share!




Hi K,

  If your skin is red, raw and itchy it means your skin is having an alleric reaction to the adhesive.  Nothing you do is going to make your skin like that particular adhesive, so your best bet is to switch to another brand.  Once  your skin is denuded (stripped of it's top layer) then what's under it will be very vulnerable to injury, as the top layer of skin does a lot of protecting what's underneath it.  Your skin will be red and moist, as there's now no top layer to retain the moisture.  Nothing you try will really work to make your barrier stick to moist has to be dry.  A little moisture can be absorbed by the barrier material, but your skin is not going to stop weeping just because there's a barrier on top of it.  If you can't change products then you'll be stuck mananging with what you have, but don't expect miracles.  

  Each time you change your barrier you'll need to first soak the area with an astringent powder such as Domeboro, for at least 15 minutes.  After the soak wipe the area with only clean water, dry thoroughly and apply your barrier.  Your skin still won't like it, but the astringent sort of resets the clock for the skin, so it won't get much worse.  You can see a dermatologist, who will tell you it's it's your skin just not liking the adhesive, but they'll be very limited in what they can give you, as almost everything they use is a lotion, cream or oil........and none of those will allow your adhesive to stick.  

  So the bottom line is to find another product that your skin likes...........or deal with the redness as best you can........knowing it won't go away.  Not sure what type of ostomy you have, but if there's any way you can leave your barrier off to let the air heal the it.  If you have a colostomy then see if you can irrigate and have some lengths of time where you can go barrier free.  If you're an ileo.........then eat when appropriate to allow yourself as much time without a barrier on (when changing it) and use the Domeboro soak for as long as you can.  When my skin was really bad I had to do the Domeboro soak every day until my skin got a bit under control.  Domeboro is available online at Amazon or any of the big retail pharmacies.  You can get a coupon for it at the Domeboro website anytime.  Let us know how it goes.  


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If I'm not mistaken the powder supposed to go on first and then the spray... the spray acts as a barrier and keeps the powder residue  to skin contact .it sounds like you are doing it wrong. maybe?😔.

Whereas the spray also allows the wafer or the O-ring to stay stuck to your stomach...

so I could be wrong.. I used to use that stuff... I no longer use that stuff ...

I  just go with the O-ring and the mounting plate..

I have a two piece system so when I had my surgery recently I found out that I was leaking almost every day maybe every 12 hours ??  💩 and it's because your stomach needs time to adjust..  the little creases  causes gaps  and speeds bumps u drive over? 

so I believe your boyfriend is correct in his assumption that it's not unusual every two or three days to blow a bag so early after surgery so  keep that in mind... since you're new and the surgery is new your body needs time to adjust. Get flat again.

my surgeon mentioned this when i asked WTF did u do?? ( i had recent kenn butt surgery this oct.).   he said that he had to move the stoma itself so it might take some time to realign itself..and belly to flatten..

a lot of things that need to be learned about this and you're just starting out  at Ground Zero which is good..with us..

if you have any questions just ask and sit tight people be chiming in left and right. 

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Hello!  Thanks so much for the reply!  Are you saying to clean the area with the Domeboro when changing the bag? I am looking it up, says it is a medicated soak.

My barrier sticks at first, but tends to loosen up after a few days.




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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the tips!  Powder first, than spray.  Will give that a try! I am willing to try anything.

Everything does stick at first, just seems to not stick long enough.  As you say, I am fairly recent out of surgery, so could be some swelling still there.


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If the whole area is red, you need to change products and find a better skin friendly one. 


There are adhesive free barriers. The small adhesive space doesn’t really do much for me. I tend to cut them off since my barrier adheres fine. 

Sometimes when the air is dry and cold, I have issues with my barrier staying on. I will sometimes warm it with my blow dryer after I apply it. I certainly blow dry (on low) after my showers. 


Sorry that you’re having such a difficult time. You might consider conducting “patch testing” to determine which product(s) are problematic for your skin. 

You apply a little bit of each product one-by-one, separately on your abdomen. Cover them with a clear dressing, like the ones used for IVs. Label each product with a number or product name if it’s short enough. Leave the products in place for 3-4 days and then check to see which ones caused skin issues.


I found a good allergy pill and less products work great for me. To each their own but for me it’s what works. I haven’t found an adhesive yet that doesn’t bother my skin somewhat. I clean with adhesive wipes, dry the area with a hairdryer, apply some SkinTac, dry again to evaporate the alcohol in it so it doesn’t interfere with adhesion and apply the wafer. It still itches somewhat and gets irritated once in a while but a good allergy pill helps. 

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Hi K,

  No, not saying clean the area with Domeboro.......I'm saying clean the area with warm water only, then apply the domeboro as a soak and let it sit on your skin for at least 15 minutes, longer if you can.  It's designed to sooth the skin and reduce any redness or inflammation.  When you have irritated skin it's best to change your barrier more often, soaking it each time, to give the skin a break and help it heal.  Or in this case not get any worse.  



G-Day Kim, If I was you I would change my brand of product. They all use different adhesives and you will find the one that's right for you but you have try them all. Ring up the different company's and they will send you some samples free of charge to try.  Regards IGGIE

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Perfect solution and advice,! My stoma nurse instructed me the same solutions  you suggested here and it healed very quickly. Anytime I get any irritations it's domboro.


Hi, I've been in your same situation at one time. I have bad allergies to a lot of pouche adhesives and ostomy products.

If anything I can say here, it's less is more. We really do not need all this stuff they give us after surgery in the hospital. I stopped using powder and skin barrier wipes. I'm down to using  a pouch, a ring and an adhesive remover wipe all that took time to find something I was not allergic to. 

I do use M9 deoderant drops in my pouch as well. As far as pouch changes, there is no set time frame as we are all different as well as environmental factors such as hair conditioners, hand lotions on our hands etc.. if your getting that yucky itch feeling change it! I dont care what anyone says about it should last this long or that long. Including the manufacters who like to market them that way. I change mine everyday. I have oily skin, I move around a lot , I work with chemicals and in an oily environment which all affect my pouch wear time. So you see, everyone's situation is different . You will learn when to take yours off regardless of what they say the time should be.