Barbie butt issues


Hi everyone, 

It was a year Oct. 2023 when I had my aurgery, permanent ostomy and a new barbie butt.  Need your thoughts ostomates please.  I have bad pressure on my barbie butt this week, can feel a slight 'round' area when putting pressure while feeling it.  Lol.  And itching like it would when stitches healing but on the inside.  That's a new one.  I hoping I just need a good flush and my colon is full.  But has anyone dealt with this?  Heading  out of town for a few weeks and really don't have time now to see Dr or get a scan.  Any sharing appreciated.  Appreciate you all!  



No idea on your “symptoms”. However, for myself, if I sit for extended amounts of time, mine gets “annoyed” and I can feel it as soon as I sit again. For me, it just takes either walking/standing or laying down for it to go away. 

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Yeah sadly walking makes it feel just as bad if not worse.  Thanks for replying.

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Hello and Welcome to the " hood"


You may not believe this butt..story..

You viewed my profile seeing my surgery is as new as yours in 2023 October..


I offer this to you now because as  I'm recovering from repairs to a leaky butt  from that surgery..

that I had today..

my surgery was this morning and I have to tell you some of the things that you wrote about, I've had similar situations.... but what I'm concerned about is you were talking about a flush ?? 😳 I'm not understanding this..

if you have a Barbie butt are you talking about a flushing the stoma yet you're feeling pain or pressure in your butt cheeks ?? so maybe I misunderstood..

I also suffer from foot in mouth disease so bear with me😊😊😆.

( likely due to pain killers wearing off right now)

Please elaborate. Thanks


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What I meant by a flush is cleaning my colon, similar to when you get a colonoscopy but not so extreme.  My thoughts maybe my.colon is backed up, full causing extra pressure on my barbie butt.  Even though I have not been constipated. My last cat scan was 6 months ago the Dr said I had a very full colon.  Idk.  I have no other issues or no  leaking w my barbie but or stoma etc.  Do u mind me asking why u needed surgery?

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Oct 22, 2022 was my surgery. We are both pretty new to our 'new normal'. Thanks for reply Warrior.


It's good to see you're online at least at this hour... that's what it appears right now... so glad you replied ..

I guess I got confused because your profile said you had the colostomy in 22 but the Barbie button 23 and that's why I jumped in because October 23 was my Kenn butt and now I am about 17 weeks post-op and two weeks ago I started bleeding from the butt...

and believe it or not it was after walking and I've had some irritation down there and I just couldn't ...excuse the image ...put my finger on it .. I started using baby wipes and the baby wipes wipes were showing spotting-- blood-- not poop ... I have an ileostomy and you're saying you have a colostomy two different things going on here and you have some of your large intestine left and it's really baffling me because with a closed Barie but , I'm not familiar with how someone with a colostomy flushes it.. and I probably shouldn't reply to that..

there are other people here I think it's called irrigation??  I'm not quite sure how that works so hopefully those people will chime in... but as far as anything coming out of the butt I'm Your Man!! 😳 because anything coming out of the butt is unacceptable.

I don't care what the doctor says that it might be normal or it happens that's bull ..

so you're referring to irrigation Maybe ???  obviously you're getting backed up and then having the colostomy??   I don't think the large intestine that you have left is hooked up to the colostomy bag unless you're talking about a loop colostomy which I'm totally unfamiliar about and I can't comment on... sadly, 😔 I'm sorry

ron in mich

Hi Tina i get that sensation of pressure back there when ever i lift something that i shouldnt or shoveling snow but i dont have any swelling or a lump and it usually goes away after a short time.


See your surgeon.


What I can not Understand is that you still have a Colon but you have a Barbie Butt. If you still have a Colon they don't normally close your Butt. If it is that you have a Colostomy then may be different. Can you explain in more detail please. Regards IGGIE

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I have a Barbie Butt and all of my colon. Rectal cancer took my anus/rectum stuff, otherwise I got everything else. 

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G-Day AlexT,  So which are you Ileostomy or Colostomy ? I'm under the impression that your Colon still makes mucus so how do you get rid of it?? Sorry it's just clicked with a Colostomy it would come out in the bag.   Regards IGGIE

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Colostomy and I guess that’s where it goes, not really anywhere for it to. 

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hey tina..not sure i answered yur qn abt why i had surgery.

u can read my profile to find that out..but its was chrons gone wild for years.

how are u making out these days?