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I have a double barrel ileostomy. Had it for 4 & a half months now. This morning I felt like I needed a bowel movement, now I know it's normal to get phantom feelings. Only I did pass a motion that was almost black, and thin. It's worried me sick since. Tho I feel fine and had no pain. Has anyone else experienced this please? To put my mind at ease 

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Morning glory

I haven't  experienced  this, but I  have seen a past post where the same thing came up. If your feeling fine ,no pain; don't  stress about it. Call your ostomy nurse, or Dr, if you are still worried if you don't  get answers on here. Best of wishes.

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Double barrel ileostomy here and ….Yep - 3-1/2 years and occasional out-butt in the form of tiny poopettes… color is baby poop yellow tho -maybe yours is residual from surgery?  Perhaps you should just call surgeons office for clarification on color…. other osties put me at ease saying this is a form of mucus (I do hate that word - ranks right up there with phlegm).    jb


I have an end Illiostomy since September and it happened to me once. I have a few inches of large colon left I was told it can happen and not to worry if no blood, fever, etc. But yes call your doctors to double check.


Call your doctor 

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I did call them yes. They weren't concerned. Said it's residual phew 

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G-Day Nikki,  If it's black it is probably old blood from the operation just working it's way out. Old blood goes black.  Regards IGGIE

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Love the new word JB poopette XX 

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As does most biological matter that's decomposing.  Think compost pile! 


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