Mind over matter


Regarding bag change after shower. Adrenaline rush is good. Just before end of your shower, think of something that really makes you angry. Hold on to that feeling for the duration of the bag replacement. You may have a much cleaner and easier replacement. 


Why do you need to feel anger to change your bag?

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What if I think of something that makes me horny?

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only u dan..only you.


Rose Bud 🌹
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Well....id think you be saying OH 💩  in more ways than one and I don't have crayons to explain that one in more detail 🤭

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

Be careful you don't take all that anger & rage out on your stoma you want to avoid any more surgery

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Have you ever seen the statistics on how often guys think about that subject compared to women? 🤭

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agreed. why anger?  who'd wanna be angry or have that emotion?

now back to beachboy and his pent up horny thoughts? 

will mr left hand or mr right hand help u out there...Sir?

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I'm ambidextrous.  Both hands... full speed ahead.    


An exciting 10 seconds.....

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My guess would be - Useless appendages can get in the way….

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burger king commercial many many years ago:

"it takes two hands to handle the whopper"..

and more presently...you will" have it your way...at burger king.."".

Dogen\'s bag


I had to work myself up every time I changed the bag for at least 6 months. I get it,  the anger sometimes was better than the dark hole that was self pity and loathing.  

I hope you pass through this phase unscathed.   :-)

Mysterious Mose

I prep myself by thinking about how good that naked shower is going to feel. Anger is the last thing on my mind. This doo-hickey I have hanging off my gut has allowed me to keep enjoying family and friends. Can't say I like it, but I also can't say I hate it. And the actual changing of the appliance only takes about 10 minutes, discounting time in the shower.


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I would give my right hand to be Ambidextrous. 


I’ve been getting very emotional sometimes when changing the bag. I get angry. Especially when you have everything nice and clean, and the stoma starts spewing stuff out, and your skin burns. I get angry, but it passes. What makes me most angry is when people who don’t have a stoma tell me that I shouldn’t get angry because I respond to them with: “How would you handle it?” I do find that it’s much better when I’m calm but I’m not gonna punish myself on the days when the bag changes are hard on me, I’m not gonna hold in anger but I’m not gonna go looking for it.

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Me thinks it's 99.99999999992 %  of our waking hours.  The other .0000000000008 % we think about sports and beer.

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This is how it happened:  In 1983 I had nearly 9 hours of surgery to remove my cancerous thyroid, lympth nodes, and lots of surrounding tissue.  Cancer had grown around my left side jugular vein.  When the surgeon removed it... the vein burst.  Somehow he fixed it, but I lost a lot of blood.  I spent a long time in intensive care.  Eventually I recovered enough to confer with my surgeon.  He said I'd probably suffer from nerve damage and maybe cognitive changes from such an extensive surgery.  Right away I discovered I couldn't talk.  My left vocal fold  (chord) was paralyzed.  Months later, my friends noticed I was using my left hand while eating.  I'm normally right handed.  Sure enough, as time went by, I used my left hand more than my right.  I can now write left handed as well as my right hand.  And that is how I became ambidextrous.

I underwent 2 years of vocal therapy and regained my voice, though it is very low and hoarse.