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I have had a temporary ostomy since July/23...having problems with a smelly pouch as soon as a day after putting on a fresh pouch...the smell permeates into my clothing...I ensure the flange is clicked all the way around...I have never had a breach so far...I have tried the lubricating deodorant... but then my clothes smell like it...presently just using baby times have trouble with pancaking if I don't drink enough water...scheduled for an end stoma in July of this year...use a two piece system...presently not using a filtered pouch...did try the filtered pouch but it was getting clogged...I am so frustrated...does anyone have suggestions?


A properly installed appliance should not smell. After installing an appliance you cover it with your warm hands, for about 5 minutes, to ensure it is adhered properly. Note, you may use a hair dryer instead. Ensure that the flange tape boundaries are all attached to your skin. If there are dips or uneven skin around your stoma you will need to use a barrier ring or paste on your skin before installing the appliance. If none of this works you should contact ConvaTec, Hollister, or Coloplast to obtain samples of other appliances. 

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Try M9 drops. Works for me. If you smell something there must be a leak.


A friend and I have the same issues. In her case she switched pouches to a one peice ceraplus and says it worked for her. No more smelly clothing. In my case im still trying to figure it out. I went down a size on the precut pouch to see if this helps. We both use m9 doeoderant. The baby oil will not mask the poop smell as its only going to help the poop slide down. In fact the baby oil could be loosening your wafers letting smells seep out. I stay away from anything oly including hair shampoos and conditioners body soaps that have oils ect... 

I heard from a long time pouch wearer that he thinks they are making the pouches cheaply these days. He said way back that they werse sturdy thicker plastic and even lasted longer. 


A properly adhered appliance should not smell. There are also moldable pouches you should try. Free samples are available. I know ConvTec and Hollister both have nurses that will work with you in choosing a pouch.

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It’s 1 of 2 things….1) you have a compromise(leak) somewhere. May not be getting completely out but under the seal so the odor out escapes. About when mine needs changing I can notice a faint smell but nothing alarming. 2) the smell is all in your head, completely mental. 

Mysterious Mose

Unless you have a leak or have been careless when emptying your bag, the odor is in your head, both figuratively and literally. Literally in that odors from your open bag can get lodged in your smeller which you cannot leave behind in the toilet. Using pouch deodorizers, such as M9 drops or even mints such as TicTacs, can get rid of a big part of those nasty odors emanating from your open bag. And figuratively because we humans seem to rejoice in paranoia. 🤓



Does anyone else smell it? Sometimes I think I stink around my bag and others tell me they don't smell anything and it's just me being self conscious. Also, I second the person who said try M9 drops. Those work pretty good for me. Also, if you smell it there may be a leak or something not fully on. Like if you use a 2 piece maybe the part you attach isn't fully attached even though it seems like it is, I had that happen to me one time, I was sure the bag was on but it turned out it was not fully on the wafer and that was the cause of the smell.

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Thanks for your input...the more I'm reading I'm beginning to think it isn't the pouch but the flange...I'm not having any leakage around the adhesive but instead of changing the pouch I will change the flange right away to see if that helps...I've tried the M9 drops and the adapt lubricating deodorant but the smell of those items is not ostomy nurse told me to try soaking a cotton ball in mouthwash and putting that in my pouch...I smelled like an open bottle of mouthwash...I didn't seem to have any problems for a few months...I haven't done anything different...although I do notice my abdomen around the stoma seems to be more prominent...surgeon told me that if I do have a hernia they will fix it with my final surgery...the appliance/wafer still fits the is pretty husband smells it as well...makes me just want to hide in the I don't want to offend is not an open bag I'm concerned is the closed bag...and the smell permeating into my clothes...again thanks for your advice.

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Thanks for your reply...yes my husband smells it...not all the time...there have been times when it is just me...I've tried the M9 drops and the adapt lubricating drops...both both smells were very unpleasant to me...and ostomy nurse told me to soak a cotton ball in mouthwash...then I smelled like an open bottle of mouthwash...I've had to change my clothes every day, if not twice...I go around the flange three times making triple sure it is on...I didn't have any problem with smelling the first few month, but it is getting looks like I may have a hernia, but it doesn't affect the way my wafer or appliance attaches...I don't breach around or under the appliance...totally frustrating...don't want to go out in case I offend often do you change your appliance?




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Thank you for your input...I didn't have any problems for the first few it seems to be getting worse...I will certainly be more diligent in making sure the appliance adheres properly...flange tape boundaries are all output has never gotten under the adhesive...maybe i should be changing it more makes sense that if the appliance is on correctly it shouldn't smell...I'll be sure to follow what you've suggested to see if I can get a handle on this...I don't want to go out in case I offend husband smells it at times...not all the time as another poster suggested it could be in me...but the smell in my clothes is downright awful...

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I've tried both the M9 drops, and the adapt lubricating deodorant...both are unpleasant to me...I was told by an ostomy nurse to soak a cotton ball in clothes smelled like an open bottom of mouthwash...I'm going to discontinue the baby oil in case it is contributing to my leaking...I triple check the pouch to make sure it is securely attached...I am going to make sure the appliance is on securely...hopefully this issue will pass with me being diligent...don't want to go out incase I offend someone...thanks for your input


Does it smell like your output? I swear my bag smells, esp when I lift up my shirt. I am thinking it’s the plastic from something I have attached to me… my husband and my mom both have smelled me and they said they cannot smell anything. I’ve been using baby oil, I will try without next change in case it’s that. 
I hope you find out what’s going on. 

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You worry that you’ll offend someone if you go out in public? It’s your life, live it. 

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G-Day Pickleball,  It could be your not closing the bottom of the bag properly and tiny bits escapes and you get a slight smell. Try folding the end over and securing it with the IGGIE CLIP. It stops leakes and also allows you to shorten your bag to help with dressing. Regards IGGIE (Inventer)

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Thank you for your input...There are times when I'm sure it's in my head...but when it's in my clothes obviously...I have a leak...I have to be more diligent when applying the flange...making sure it is securely attached to the skin...the contour of my abdomen has changed over the past few months...this could be contributing to the problem...thanks for your time.

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Thanks for your reply...your invention did cross my mind earlier because of the length...never thought about the possibility of the smell leaking out that end...was worried about compromising the integrity of the bag...but I will certainly give it a try...

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