Have to share this. The first bit of information I got from my Stoma nurse was use women's razors to shave around the stoma as women have a bigger verity of shaving shapes the blades are great they don't clog up as much as the blades are wider apart. And it is designed for areas shown in its title


yipes! i guess having a sharp edge like that helps. want a trick to protect the stoma from touching it while shaving?? do ya?? 

the empty roll of the toilet paper placed over the stoma will help protect it and give peace of mind.

any hand held shaver would work..protecting that stoma is a high priority..when shaving..

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I use an electric shaver with ceramic blades.  Then a small pair of scissors to zap stragglers.


Battery operated bikini shaver for me. No way I’m putting a razor blade near my stoma nor do I want the ingrown hairs that can come with using a razor. 


Hi Hepster,

  That's interesting in that I've never heard a nurse recommend a bladed razor for shaving in that area ever!  I'd say they always ask what I use to make sure I'm not using a blade there.  But you'll sure get a close shave......that's for sure!!


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I must have been lucky 16 years and no ingrowing hair and no cutting my stoma

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I find with modern safety razors I would have to try really hard to get close enough to my stoma to cut it


Yes my stoma nurses told me the same when I first had my stoma women's razors are better as there more sensitive on skin worked well for a good few years but ending up with ingrowing hairs becoming a problem so now I pop a few hairs out with tweezers every time I change bag it's very therapeutic and takes longer for hair to grow back than with shaving  

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The ones I am using know are a great design and my stoma is safe, after all as the name of them says they are for the pubic area


Just brush some Milk around the Stoma and let the Cat lick them off. Hold the Cat upside down and let the fur ball fall out. All done.  Regards IGGIE

ron in mich

Hi all i been using the cheap disposable ones from the dollar store.

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what a gross visual. thanks much🤑. 


I use an electric shaver which causes less irritation. I did hear that electrolysis might be an option when I first had my stoma but was never brought up again, anyone ever have that done as it would really help!


wasn't there something called NEAT.. or ?? NARE?? to get rid of hair?? spray on and rinse off??? 

who wears short shorts? 🎵

w30 Bob wears short shorts..🎶

if u dare wear short shorts nare for short shorts..🎶

strangely how i recall that commercial...🤪


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Yeah, I remember that jingle too..........probably because us New Jerseyans spent so much time watching TV in our youth.  It was either that or go outside and play in all the pollution, which was fun..........but probably why we're here talking about all this ostomy crap.  But seriously, chemical hair removers can be used, but are loaded with some nasty chemicals such as calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.  You wouldn't want that to touch your stoma or any cuts or scrapes in your skin in that area......or you'll know it.  Also the vapors can cause allergic reactions if the chemicals don't.  So yeah, Nair and Neet can be used......but with caution.....and they're not permanent......they just dissolve the hair just below the skin, but not the it grows back in a few days. 

And you're just jealous of my short shorts......admit it!



Older used razor for the main area and battery nose/ear trimmer for those that butt up against the stoma.

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For us Brits of a certain age know the song very well  from the 1960's. It was Freddie and the Dreamers and called Who wears short shorts. They had a few other hits and following the Beatles I believe they may have been part of the British music invasion