I've storage is always been a big issue in the beginning I found always had a big mess piled up on the bathroom sink was running back and forth to the closet where I had the supplies stored and trying to put on a new new outfit I found an ideal way to deal with this. In most of our bathrooms we have a small drawer that opens up right beside the toilet me personally I sit on the toilet to change to change my outfit when it is time after a shower. I'm attaching two photos of what I did to the small drawer by my toilet it is a lifesaver good luck and I wish you well and all the happiness in the world


The bulk of my supplies are in either dresser drawers or a closet, which I just rearranged and found out I have about 15 months of supplies from my prescription but I only use a fraction of each month, so my oldest stuff I got in 12/22. I mark the month/year on each box so I use the oldest stuff first. I also keep some remover wipes/spray and deodorant/lubricant on the bathroom counter. 

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I wish there were room in my bathroom for a cabinet. All I have is under the sink for storage. The towels and washcloths are there. 

How in the world did people in the 1930's store stuff????

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I have a very small drawer in my bathroom.  I keep several of my supplies in there as well. 


Your much more organised than I am. I keep mine in bottom of my wardrobe, I have a box of tissues with 1 bag and adhesive remover spray on top of it there ready for my next bag change   

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I keep the bulk of my supplies in a tote, in my bedroom closet, and a much smaller amount in a dresser drawer next to the bathroom.  I take out the essentials that I need to change my appliance just before doing so.  I don't want to store supplies in the bathroom as I'm concerned that the humidity in there might shorten their life span.  A cool dry place is best.


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Ha! Why didn't I think of that! 

The hallway here is huge! I can get a plastic cabinet cheap from the thrift store! What a great day today! Test came back no cancer and now I know what to do with supplies. Thank you!

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Oh  Yes, what great news you had. You should share on a seperate  post.

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Yeah!  Happy to hear your good news!



I use plastic totes from Home Depot.

One huge tote for storage of extra wafer/bag, barrier ring supplies.  A medium size tote for boxes of remover wipes/spray, support belts, gloves, stoma powder, deodorizer, lube.  And a small tote with wafer change time stuff.  Ostomy scissors, barrier rings, remover wipes/spray, barrier spray/swabs, bags, gloves, Cetaphil soap.

Each tote fits on top of each other, smallest tote on top.  Push the whole thing in a corner.



Similarly, I've dedicated a drawer in my bathroom for immediate supplies, and keep bulk supplies in a closet.


I bought a plastic 3 drawer container dresser type that I keep in the bedroom. I have a hospital bedside table that I keep in the bathroom. I set everything up on that for changing.