I made it to the hospital this morning. I had done my best to prep my mind and body for the surgery. After speaking with the surgeon, the anaesthesiologists, and several nurses (including a stoma nurse), we decided that for now, we would put the surgery on hold. 

There were a number of factors that led to this decision:
1. I am still battling the flu and have flu symptoms
2. There are several non-surgical options that we can explore 🙌🏼🙏🏼 (there’s no guarantee that it will work but we can try)
3. I can feel that mechanically things are improving, slowly but surely.
4. There is a lot of trauma I need to work through.

In my gut I knew postponing the surgery was and is the right decision for now. I am eternally grateful for everyone’s kindness and support. After explaining to them my concerns, anxiety, past trauma, and some of the things I had been doing at home and the work I have been doing with the dietitian. 

We agreed that since I am stable now, and seem to be showing some improvement that we would put the surgery on hold.

I do need a lot of mental health support though, this experience has been nothing short of traumatic. The anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, heart palpitations, and restlessness, along with the pain from the procedures leading up to this point, have taken a toll on me.


There is always risk with surgery. If you can heal w/o surgery that is a win. You may have to consider anti-anxiety meds in addition to counseling. Cymbalta is one you can take and stop when you need with no weaning off required. Stay positive.

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Hello Stoma Side


Well Done You.


And Your Medical Team!

Sounds like a sensible respite decision - One needs above all to be in the right place3 3 mentally and emotionally, in order to fair well - Surgery is not just a physical proceedure.


Best Wishes



Hi Side,

  Sounds like you have a good team there............good for you, as it's rare.  By all means take your time.  Always explore the non-surgical options first.  Glad to hear you're happy with the decision you made and hope to hear you continue to improve without surgical help!!!


Reply to Jayne

Totally agree with this point of view….sounds like a very sound decision by all involved - which seems to be a rarity these days.  jb

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Morning glory

Hi TheStomaSide, thank you for checking back in. So glad that you are improving.  Hope you get over the flu quickly. I am glad that you recognize  that your mental  health needs working on. Anytime you have suicidal  thoughts and experiences  that cripple you from  living your life; you need help and good support. No shame in going to counseling.  I wish the best for you going forward. I am glad that you have a good health care team.

Audrey Warren
Reply to Morning glory

Not clear if you were getting an Ostomy or getting a reversal. I elected to get one because no medicine or diet gave me any relief from severe IBS-C. Wish I had done it sooner.

Your mental health is very important. I see a shrink for depression and anxiety whom I've seen since I was 30. My father was bi-polar so genes an important part. Perhaps a psychiatrist might help you find an antidepressant that works.
Like so many things, money and finding a good doc crucial.

Good luck.



Good decision! 

if you do not need to do it now, don't!

good team of professionals, listening to you and not just looking at your body, that's guarantee for success whichever way you go, now or later on :-)