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I have been waking upmost nights with my bag full of gas it inflates like a baloon is there any way to control it?
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Hiya...I would like to know the answer to this problem also...
any1 got any answers?..xx

nearly all companies offer vented pouches. there are also{if i recall correctly} a vent that can be added to an existing pouch. personally i wear only vented pouches...they make life so much easier. contact the manufacture of your system and ask for a few free samples.
i dont know your type of ostomy and its possible the vented system may not be suited for all types.

Don't eat broccoli, don't eat cabbage, don't eat cauliflower and, by all means, don't eat navy beans. I like all of these. So I ignore my own advice and eat them. And I get up at night and burp my bag.
Hi Mike,

Most probably you are eating gaseous foods... I noticed a post telling you not to
eat brocolli and other gaseous vegetables. You should also limit your intake of soda pop.

I head a small group of ostomates in New Jersey. We have a web site page I think
you may find helpful/useful. It has a number of tips to address various problems.


I hope this helps,

Bayonne Ostomy Alliance
Hi there, like others I know that leafy greens,soda pops as you guys call it and a few other things can do this.... for me it  happens when I have an empty stomach.Which in turn can make the output quite tangy on the nose.Now to burp the bag is something I did only once,in hospital about 2 weeks after getting it and well the mess that got made..was so embarrasing I have NEVER attempted it again.But I know plenty who do.Good luck with it as like everything with these things,trial and error...cheers Tara

I don't like the bags with vents in them. After the vents get saturated then your clothes get black with charcoal. I like the vents that you put on the bag that you can open and close.


All I can say is that I have tried it all.  The vents you put on your bags are awful.  I wear vented bags too but find they get cloged the second it gets "wet".  I never drink pop/soda and I take an anti gas daily supplement that I get at the supermarket or Walmart.  You can get some at a health food store but these are usually more expensive and you have to take alot more.  The supplement helps alot!!!  Plus trying to watch what you eat.  I know how you feel though...I hate getting up all night long!!!!
Pouches which have the filters (or vents as some are referring to) are really only good for colostomies and only some of them. If you have any type of ileostomy or a runny colostomy, do not waste your money.  The filter is usually soaked within 24-48 hours and after that it emits a horrible smell and a watery substance from the carbon filter getting wet which will stain your clothes.  I know the gal I order my supplies from says she only has a couple of customers who use them on a regular basis.

Now if you are getting done to the nines for nice evening and don't want that gassy bulge, a filtered pouch will help a great deal but make sure to change the pouch before the filter gets wet.  

There are plastic filters you punch into non-filtered bags, but I can attest that they too will be messy if you have an ileostomy.
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