Stoma Revision Surgery - Need Advice on Resite vs. Revision


Well, finally saw my new specialist and he's fantastic. It's been decided that my stoma is too malformed to fix with any appliances on the market currently....I've tried absolutely everything. He said the stoma will need revision and maybe resite too. What is the difference, any recommendations? If so, did they have to access the midline incision? What was recovery like? Scared to think it will be like "bowel resection surgery".......Praying it's less painful and less involved, I've got enough scar tissue already! Thanks all.

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Hi, I had this done some years ago. My stoma was really bad. What they did was renew the stoma by bringing more bowel further out to make the stoma function better. But I also had to have mine resited to the other side. I had more complicated things happening at the time, but all I can say is that because I wasn't feeling ill with my Crohn's, having had that done wasn't as bad as the first time having the ileostomy. But of course, it's having surgery again, and the recovery time wasn't as bad as the first time. But individuals are different. I can understand your concerns. I too have a mass of scars, so I can relate to what you're thinking. Hope this has been of some help. Good luck. Take care, Ambies.

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I had the revision done a year ago and it was the best thing they ever did to me. It did not require any cutting and the recovery time was almost immediate. I have just had the first year in memory with no pain and I stayed away from all doctors and meds for that whole time. My stoma was angled and some material was getting under my skin and migrating. Not anymore and I even made it 8 days without having to change my appliance once. Now it seems to last about 4 days on average. I would think a re-site would be moving the stoma to a different hole through your abdomen but I am not sure. Take care.

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My first colostomy was sited badly, the stoma died, and the hole closed up. 6 months after the first one, a new surgeon closed up the first, worked on scar tissue removal for 3 hours, and resited the hole with a nice new stoma higher on my abdomen, almost at my waistline. Well worth it. I spent 5 days instead of 10 in the hospital. Still had to prep and that was the worst part, other than the first one closing up. Quick recovery. He did not access the original midline incision at all.

I don't understand how he did that because I might as well not have been there.
I'm very glad I had it done. I have no problems keeping a pouch on now, no leaking, life is good. In fact, I go for hours without even knowing I have a pouch on my abdomen, thanks to the brand of pouches I use.


I had my stoma moved after 23 years and a couple revisions (Crohn's). They just moved it over a couple of inches. It wasn't a piece of cake, but at least this stoma has held now for about 14 years. (In between the re-siting, I had two revisions that didn't work, the stoma kept prolapsing or going inward). It turned out that the original surgeon hadn't pulled the stoma through the rectus muscle. The docs were amazed it held up for over 20 years. The first surgery was a general surgeon. Since then, I only see a colon rectal surgeon if there's a problem. But in the early 70's, what did I know? I'm just happy it all worked out. Good luck. Anything is better than having a faulty stoma!!

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Hello Kimmer in Ontario, Canada. I'm in the same area and was wondering how long you've had your colostomy?



Will be undergoing an ileostomy resite soon. Current site has degraded to a recessed stoma with skin irritation surrounding the stoma. Have questions about surgical procedure. See reference to "Vulcan Technique". Any recommendations for the surgical process, resite location. Current site is just below beltline on the right side. Replies welcome ASAP. Thanks!


I had my first emergency surgery on July 12th, 2017. I have an ileostomy on my right side. For 5 to 6 months, I just had horrible pain after eating. I couldn't eat anything without it hurting me. I was in and out of the hospital, had scan after scan. Finally, on Feb 16th after a horrible 4 days of suffering severe pain, I went to the ER once again. This time, they found another anomaly with my intestine near the stoma area. I was admitted and another emergency surgery was done. This time, when I spoke to the doctor, he said I had the worst stricture he had ever seen in his career. He stated that he couldn't believe how anything was getting through. My intestines were enlarged and very thick behind it and I had some severe adhesions that he had to cut out. He had to rebuild the stoma as well but kept the same site. Before, it protruded just slightly so I had to use the convex skin barriers. Now, it is pretty flush with the skin and goes in a little more. He had to reopen me with the same vertical scar that they used the first time and I think it was a little more painful this time around. I still have my staples in and will have them removed on the 20th of March. The doctor said that I had been fighting this stricture in my ileostomy for 5 of the 7 months I had it in. Had I waited any longer to come in, I could have had a burst intestine! He believes that things will work a lot better now and I can already tell a difference from the first one. I chose not to have the extra pain epidural this time and that is probably why it hurt more. I still have to take pain meds off and on but the space between is getting longer. It only happens if I try to do too much which is hard for me not to do as I hate just sitting around a lot. I tried to do a little driving the last two days and ended up not feeling real great because of it so I guess I am not quite ready to drive yet but I needed to go to an appointment and had no one to take me. I cannot tell you about a new site but if they tell you they need to move it, it is probably because the other site is too compromised to use it. I wish you the best. I am glad they fixed mine. I think now I will be able to finally eat real food again! Good luck.

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