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Are there any lesbians on this site?

Just seeing if there is anyone like me out there!! Smile
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Me, me! I have my hand up.  You're the first one other than me that I've known of.  Glad to meet you.  I hadn't been in a relationship since 1991 but I still had hpoes until I got deadly (literally) ill and ended up with a permanent ileostomy.  Let's wish each other luck.  Or maybe you're lucky enough to already be in a relationship.
I, too, am a lesbian...  

I had a colostomy 9/21/11 so I am still adapting.  I don't think I'll every be happy about it, but I have learned to deal with it.

Have not been in a relationship since 2002.  Not looking for one, but certainly wouldn't mind being friends.  Should be more for us women.  Maybe we can start something.

I admire your courage 61smiles and compassion for caring for your 90 year old Mother.  No easy task.  As an only child, I took care of both of my parents until the end, so my heart goes out to  you, but there are many rewards and you'll never reget it.

God bless....
Yeah!! So we do exist! Smile I had a temp iliostomy about eleven years ago and have had my permanent one for a year and a half. I don't love it by any means, but I deal. I wish you both the best of luck. Thank you for writing!!
Indeed we do exist in every facet of life.  You are still young and have a lot more living to do and have a good attitude.  It will take time but I think you will find the right who cares and has patience and can look at the "whole" woman you are.  Don't settle for anything less....

Best wishes to you love.  Wishing you the very best.

Thanks for writing back!!
Chiming in to say that, yes, there are queer girls here, too. We're everywhere!

61Smiles, I've had a urostomy since I was 9 y/o, way back in 1978. I honestly have never found it to impede my ability to have a relationship. The bigger problem for me has always been my own self-consciousness, which gets in the way of emotional connectedness. It's a lifelong project to let it go, but every stride I make is worth it.
Hey Zizi! Glad to hear we are out there! I haven't had any problems dating since I acquired the bag either. It is only a big deal if you make it I suppose. I just didn't know any lesbians with bags, so I wanted to see if there were any. Smile I'm glad to know I'm not alone. We should have a scholarship fund or something. Haha!
Hey, so glad someone asked the question! Yes I am a lesbian not in a relationship though. I have been wearing my colostomy now for 3 years. I am not even dating, I have been in hiding all my life almost after colon cancer I decided to be who I am I've never been happier I wish you all luck in your relationships or if your looking! I would like to have an intimate friend.
Hi DJK1983,

I'm assuming you were born in 1983. Wow!  I had surgery and became a permanent ileostomate in 1982!  Good grief!  I am a happily married Lesbian!  However, I only had the courage to come out when I was 32!  (So, you, at age 29 - are way ahead of the game in the bravery department as far as I am concerned! Good for you!)

I have been with my love since 2000!  We are very happy and my ileostomy has NEVER been a problem in our relationship! She loves me for me!

*I'm fairly new to this site, but I'm sure there are lots of lesbians out there in ostomyworld!

Nice to meet you! Smile
Yes there are Lesbians with Ostomy's! So where did you all go? Let's chat sometime.
Would love to chat sometime with you guys, and any other queer gals on the forums. I actually find this forum difficult to navigate and not very user friendly - especially if you are not checking it daily. (And I would check it daily if it were more user-friendly....)

And we are not allowed to post contact information that would allow us to connect on other social networks that are more user-friendly.

Don't get me wrong - I think this is an amazing service, and I am so glad that it's here. I just wish a few things were easier and more convenient to use.
Hi, everybody!

I am glad to hear that we're all mostly doing well. Smile I really haven't had any problems with my bag and dating. I just don't make it a big deal, and so nobody else does either. The woman I'm with, who I hope to marry in a few years, doesn't mind at all. In fact, she thinks it's funny a lot of times. Smile I know that my bag is always there, but it just has so little to do with ME, that I don't even worry about it. I figure, I never got a girl with my sexy stomach (or lack there of) before, so a bag really won't matter all that much. Wink I think to some extent, we are lucky to date women, as they're typically more understanding of things like this. It also makes us more empathetic to other peoples' ailments. Anyhow, it's all good, and that's my point. At least we're all still kicking. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I hate it, and I get irritated by different things about it, but for the most part, I'm glad to have my bag. That's all for today I suppose! Smile
hi all you lesbians Zizi,DJK1983,robbin , and you all.
     i am from down under and i am new on here so when i found this topic i thought i went from hell to heaven, so it makes me feel yeahhh not the only lesbian with a bag. i was with my love when this happened and she and i just never happened after it so i am not very confident in meeting anyone else. not right now, but would like it if we could all have a chat thing going on to swap stories and  just chat. anyway ladies good to know you all. now i wont be a stranger as it has taken me a long time to even get up the courage to get on here.  hope to chat soon      waytogo lots love to you all
hi andsoitis
   waytogo here     wow what a duet lol hope to have some chats with you  i am going to be a regular visitor from now on , and is nice meeting you and the other lesbians wow. i will go to bed soon with a smile on my dial and that has been missing for a long time now, so thank you all so much   hope to chat soon
*Raising my hand* Count me in.  Woot!
hi txess
          finally a comment thank you very much,  i think the rest of these girls may have given up the chase so to speak. ok so we just talk now????  so how are you. i too was very surprised at the amount of girls who was in that chat. yes i was a very happy lesbian when i saw that i was not the only one in the world lol. some of them were living very well with their better halves  and say that the bag was of no concern. i was separated after my emergency op. was in that relationship for 18yrs    she said she hated it well that went down a treat and i have been so scared to even think of another relationship after that. How about you are you with someone n if so how do you both cope with it.  i hope you chat back
Very sorry @waytogo about your negative and very hurtful experience with your ex! Bah. That is not the kind of person you want to be with. Don't be scared to venture forth into the dating world. I've had relationships since my surgery and they were extremely supportive and positive experiences!! In my experience, women have been wonderful and actually made me feel great about myself and my desirability as a partner!! Go for it!!
Are any of you on FB? If so, does anyone with an account want to start a FB Group for Lesbian Ostomates? Call it just that (Lesbian Ostomates or Lesbians with Ostomies), so that it comes up in a search on FB or Google.

I think it would be great to have a closed FB group for us! With a "closed" FB group it comes up in searches, members are public, but all the content (posts, updates, all communication between members) is private.

You can have a "secret" FB group but it doesn't come up in searches, so "closed" is a better privacy option...that way all the lesbian ostomates googling or searching FB for others can find it. Smile

If anyone starts one let us know so we can search for it.
hi txess
what a great idea, you are a genius. I do have a FB account and I will try my hand at getting one up n running. If or when I do I will let you know ok. I am in 2 closed groups on FB re Farm Ville, so i can inquire as how to do it. hope to get back to you soon waytogo
Way to go....waytogo! Let us know when you have it up and running!!
hi txess
i have tried to get one going but i can't do it i have asked friends n all seems to fail i am supposed to have a certain amount of ppl to become members lol  how damn stupid is that as this is why we want to do it???? sorry but i will work on another idea  will let you know when n if. in a couple of weeks i will be getting a total knee replacement so i have put this at the back for the moment hope thats ok with you ???  . i hope you all had a great Christmas  and stay safe  talk again soon
Do you any of you on this thread have an upgraded acct so you can email me? If so, please do, so we can talk about how we can all connect as lesbian ostomates!
Hey there...where did y'all go? Any of you on any other ostomy boards? Like UOAA or C3Life?
I didn't see these replies!! I am not on any sites other than Facebook. I recently met someone that I think will be the one. Very Happy She doesn't mind my bag at all, it's a non-issue. I am excited to see what happens. I hope you're all doing well!
hi DJK1983
       I too are on FB I sure hope that this lady is the one for you. I am going ok, I am back on my feet after my knee replacement n now hoping I can get around a bit better in another few weeks. Have a great day
Hi txess
           I am up n running thanks to my knee replacement a lot of ppl on FB got me through a rough patch  but all is well. That heading you once gave me before I went to Hospital. I hope you had a great Holiday. We will have to try to get onto live chat to chat pmsl if you could let me know what time by replying to this. I got over the glitch that I told you about before.  Ok have to go, oh by the way how do I get an upgraded acct as would like to email you. ok now I am going lol
all the best waytogo 3
Hi txess again
I forgot to mention a new title for all of us how about    "Gay Colostomy Support Group" try or "Gay Ostomates Support Group" I have been working on it while I was in Hospital on FB. ok I am going as someone is calling lol Smile
hope to hear back  waytogo
wishing lots of happiness in your new relationship. I've never had a gf that had an issue with the bag...they were all wonderful about it. 3

@waytogo sorry to hear about your knee replacement and the rough patch you went through...but very happy you've turned the corner and are on the mend! Answer to your should see "Upgrade" in the top menu bar when you log in, that's where you can upgrade your acct.

Nice hearing from you... hope we can connect again soon.
Just wanted to say I love all the support and kindness that is displayed on this forum.  I love the dead too.  No lesbian but acknowledging your courage will allow you to soar!

Does Bi-Curious count?
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