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Anyone with an ileostomy done Slimming World/low carb diet?

Sun May 13, 2012 7:38 pm
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Hello everyone.

I have recently been told that my bowel resection/reversal is likely to be in September this year which is earlier than I thought. Great news but less time to lose weight before surgery. surgeon says it will make things easier - want to lose weight gained recently in any event. In the past prior to ileostomy and gastro problems had a lot of success with Slimming World which essentially for those who don't know focuses on excluding fat, sugar and refined carbs eg white bread. Not necessarily low carb as can have rice, noodles, potatoes, pasta

Started back on it on Friday morning and have pretty much just eaten fresh fruit, salad, raw cabbage, chicken, potatoes, parsnip soup, steak, pears, bananas and green beans. Had some whole grain crispbread too.

Output has been pretty watery since then and pretty frequent o back and fore emptying all the time.  even when thicker it still seems wetter then usual if that makes sense. This is leading to leaks and sore skin around the stoma.

In the past have eaten white bread or cake or crisps such as cheese puffs or skips to solve an output issue - maybe this is part of the reason for my weight gain!

Does anyone have any ideas for thickening output that are diet friendly? I have trio diamond sachets but these don't help the wetness around the stoma and bag opening.

Also any tips on dealing with the sore skin which stops thebag sticking properly so leads to more leaking and seems to be a vicious cycle. Only advice from stoma nurse for this issue has been calamine lotion. Would 'powder' help with this and what do I ask for when calling supplier? Have never used it.

I have just tried putting paste over sore skin before adding my usual eakin seal but it really burns for a while and then not sure if soreness is due to a leak or paste.

Any advice on both diet and sore skin issues would be greatly appreciated.

Mon May 14, 2012 5:50 am
i know for me when i get sores around my stoma from waste and shaving the hair off so the waffer will stick to my skin i sit a couple hours each day with out having the waffer or bag on i have several towels beside me and let the air get to my skin have a towel over the stoma so i dont power spray the room and i heal up pretty good i change around 2 to 3 times a day i get sores from having the waffer on to long so the minute i feel the itch from a leak i change
good luck with the reversal
MeetAnOstoMate - 27,707 members
Mon May 14, 2012 9:23 pm
Changing the wafer several times a day seems excessive. When I get a sore, I change a little more frequently, which is to say every third day, and things seem to be OK. I sprinkle a little of that stoma powder on the sore and that does the trick for me. Still, I am sure there's no formula that applies to all.    PB
Tue May 15, 2012 1:28 am
Hi Tigerlilly, so sorry to hear of your dilemma and especially your sore skin. Over the years I have had similar issues and at one time five fistulas on surface around stoma to contend with and there was absolutely no bag that could cover them all so a huge area became raw , inflamed and oh so painful. Eventually surgery put and end to all of that but whilst I was changing bags several times a day I used Cavalon spray on my sore skin. It eased the soreness and at least created a fine barrier between skin and any kind of stickyness from bag, wafer etc. Cavalon is also used to promote wound healing. I get it on prescription from my supplier. It works for me, I hope it does for you.
On the subject of weight loss and Slimming World/ low carb diets, I can only tell you my experiences and again they may not apply to you, but it may help. During my "illness" I had a dramatic weight loss, about 8 stones. I was and had been very overweight for most of my life but the suddeness and through not trying to lose weight was quite frightening. I was not overjoyed at losing so much weight strangely enough. Probably because it happened so quickly. However, once my last operation was over and I was in a much better place, ie out of pain, and coping well with my new stoma the weight began to gradually go back on. The puzzling thing was that as fast as it went, equally it went back on and  I believe it was because I was no longer taking steroids and now eating the easily assimilated foods that seemed to suit me. That was in 2008. In the last 2 years I have tried dieting and following the principles of SW and WW but as both are based on fairly high fibre foods I find them very bloating and also difficult to pass. Indeed earlier this year I was admitted to hospital with a blockage after eating some crunchy bran sprinkled on a fat free yogourt!!
That was scary!!
My consultant said a low residue diet is the best for most stomas and that is great for the stoma but not very good for weight loss. SO...
I have gone back to old fashioned calorie counting in an effort to lose some weight. By eating the foods I know I can digest without problems but carefully watching the portions and also increasing the amount of walking I do has helped enormously. The weight loss is slow but this is for life so the small lifestyle changes mean that hopefully I will continue to lose a pound or two each week without too much disruption to my digestive system - or what is left of it!!
It also helps to keep a journal or a diary / log that you can refer back to when you have a week when maybe you don't lose any weight. It is also a visual reference to help identify the weeks you lost well and what you ate that week and those where you didn't do so well thus avoiding the same mistakes. I have lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks.
I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck with both your weight loss and your surgery.
Tue May 15, 2012 2:19 am
uh tigerlilly, many gave you advice so i'm just stating how i get on with simelar issues with my colostemy: i try to make time when bubbles isn't active, use barrier wipes first and then very thin film of Betadine oitment and let it dry for a few minutes, then push on bag and keep hand on for warmst and adhesive control, by the way be very gentle when removing pouch so you don't break skin again. it is time consuming but has worked for me in most cases. hope it helps you.
Smile and relax it will get better
schnecke xx
Tue May 15, 2012 8:47 am
I am in a similar position to you, except that I am in Woking and have not booked my reversal yet because am signs of return of Crohn's Disease to what's left of my colon.

When I first had the ileostomy I was told by the NHS Specialist Nurse that there was something they could give me to "thicken up" the output.  I never got around to trying it, but I think you should ask about it!

Good luck and best wishes
Thu May 17, 2012 2:03 pm
I have a nagging sore that I have a script for aquacel and duoderm to cover the spot and then put the wafer over it. It works pretty good. I still have to change it every two days since the sore weeps. My doc hasn't been too much help on this unfortunately.
Sun May 20, 2012 8:37 am
You can but an anti-fungal powder at any pharmacy & not have to call your bag supplier & wait. I have recently been dealing with this experience & it truly is awful & painful!!!  Any pharmace will also cary the anti fungal powder in their "store Brand". This has been a lifesaver for me!
Mon May 21, 2012 7:32 am
Hello Tigerlily. I was reading your questions about a low carbdiet. with you trying to lose weight.  I have a permantent illeostomy now for the past 7 yrs. because off difficulty with high fiber, foods etc. the one good supplement i am on is shakeology. started 4 months ago. first time i can drink a meal for breakfast and is equifalent off 7 salads in a protein powder, on top off all the vitamins, minerals etc. due to my lack of mal absorption, this has helped me keepmy ostomy from the runs, and leeps it thicker. It has improved my body, and since i work out regular, it works with my other high protein powder drinks and my normal eating. if you need any more questions answered, i can go in to more detail to help you. just let me know, by emailing me. i will try to check out this site again, for i havent been consistent.  I truly am a good positive person about my experience , with this food drink. its very impressive, and i want to help other ostomates like me, who want to look there best with out huting there health, or causing blockages to thete stomas. so good luck. please dont be afraid to contact me. have a nice day. Belissima.
Mon May 21, 2012 8:32 am

I understand there are some people who like thick output.  But, for me it is very painful.  I change every 6-7 days.  My routine is the remove old wafer, shave, power with stoma power, apply skin prep, have stomahesive on the wafer, apply wafer, then lay on the floor (if possible) face down for 2-3 minutes  -  I very rarely have leaks - but if I have a leak it's a mess (all over and skin irritation)

I would look into " Thick it" - not sure how this will work with your diet.  For me any carb (potato, bread, pasta, rice) is the culprit for thickening my output.  They are what I avoid.
Mon May 21, 2012 11:17 am
Hi Jaxx, thank you for emailing me. I didnt mean the output is thick, like you think. For i have the same problem, it would hurt my stoma, for i cant eat potatoes, rice or anything like that. My stoma is very tricky, and so is my diet. This shakeology has allowed me to get nutriton with out hurting my stoma, and so it would help this lady or other ostomates, so hopefuly,i didnt give the wrong information, for shakelogy, for it is the best. so besr regards, and thank you for emailimg me.sincerly belissima.
Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:33 am

I'm doing some research into using Shakeology with and ostomy.  Would you mind emailing me more about your experience?  I'd email you, but I'm on a free membership for now and I can read emails and respond but I can't initiate a conversation.  I'm afraid it will go right through and that there won't be any nutritional absorption of the nutrients.  Have you had this experience?

Thank you!
Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:56 am
Hello Dauther In law.This is Sylvia(Belissima), thank you for reaching out! Yes to your answer shakeology resoved my malabsoprtion prooblems andmore.I am Cf of the liver and pancreas now.Due for me the power in this super whole food! for I cant eart my vegetables of salads normally!! my diet is restricted due to the stoma and severe food allergies. I know I can help you and I will attach information here.
Shakeology truly is my survival food so to speak and I would not go a single day without it. Shakeology comes with a 30 day empty bag money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose by trying this out. I challenge anyone to come up with 30 complete meals that have the same nutritive value & low cost ($3.50 per serving) that are comparable to what you get 30 servings of Shakeology. It's impossible. Where do the ingredients from Shakeology come from Super Food Man Darin Olien http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/tokyo28?bctid=637719395001 See what Doctors are saying about Shakeology
http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/tokyo28?bctid=637865717001 Business Newsweek featured this article regarding the super foods found in Shakeology. This fellow is pretty amazing http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/the-adventures-of-superfood-man-01262012.html
Please ask me questions, I am here to help other people like me, I am trained and have done alot of studing of nutriton with my own hard journey, My drs are so happy that I turned my life around and with Gods help and the shakeology I am alive and doing well. I didnt have this 3 yrs ago. I have drank 2 shakeologies a day now for 1yr and 2 months!! I am doing exceptional considering I suffer frommortility and a sluggish stomach transition. not any more.my biopsies are perfect , no more gastritis for now !! so I am honoredyou asked my opinion and I am hallpyto help you in any way I can. So thank you God Bless you we can help you feel and absorb all your calories you need to be healthy!! Have a wonderful day!! you can find me on my other places. sincerely Sylvia Justus(belissima)
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