Advice on colostomy and anus removal surgery?


Hey there everybody, I'm looking to hear from anybody who had the surgery to remove the anus, and also had a colostomy done at the same time... My wife Jenny was told today that she needs to have this done due to an anal stricture and diversion colitis on her stoma. I'm looking for info on post-op recovery, what to expect, what to look for and so on, any info will help tremendously!! Send it to dentalguy22. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you who had this done, soon!

Ok, not quite sure what your wife's current status is - you said that she's due to have her rectum removed because of a stricture - but you also mentioned a stoma - so am I guessing correctly that she has what was supposed to be a temporary colostomy - but now is slated to have the rectum removed, thus having a permanent colostomy?

If so, I had a similar situation - I was supposed to be reconnected but developed a stricture just above the rectal stump. While they could dilate, I was left no choice but to have a permanent ostomy.

Having your rectum removed isn't too difficult an operation, but in my 10+ years of being on various support forums, the recovery can be very easy (like it was for me) or unfortunately, it's possible to have minor complications - like getting an infection where they sew you closed, thus greatly extending the healing process. Some have shared that they ended up getting excessive amounts of scar tissue from the procedure, and that can lead to some discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. Another small odd side effect is the urge to go to the bathroom normally. They call it "phantom pains." There's no medical explanation for it, but strangely, it happens to some - happened to me recently, and it's been 7 years since I had mine removed.
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Hello, I had my anus removed and a permanent colostomy at the same time. It took about six weeks for my back end to heal and to be able to sit without discomfort. But the soreness does go away. After she heals, she may feel some vaginal discomfort during intercourse. I know I did. Things sort of tighten up after the anus is removed. I think it's from scar tissue. But in my case, radiation due to rectal cancer also played a part. But things get back to normal as everything will stretch back out again. She could talk to her OBGYN if she has that problem. And you do get weird sensations in the rear where the anus used to be. Sometimes it will feel like it's still there. I am sure she will be fine as long as she has a good surgeon. And everyone's recovery time is different. I wish her the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Hey there!

I had this done in June of last year due to a recurrence of colon cancer. I had problems with the healing of the site where the anus was removed. I had two open wounds for three months that required daily nurse care and wound packing to help things heal from the inside out. The wounds drain and have to be replaced and kept sterile to prevent infection. I could not sit without pillows, holey rings, etc. for that whole time, plus life revolved around when the nurse could come. I felt like I was in jail for the whole time. Laying on your side that long gets old real fast. I was fine with the colostomy, having had a prior ileostomy two years ago, so that part was fine!

Now, all is looking back, it was hell, but I survived.
I know others too who had no problems, regular six weeks good luck, thankfully we are all different!

Hi, I had this done with an ileostomy. After salt baths, they helped heal the rear end quicker. But it was the best thing I could have ever done. No pain or discomfort after it healed.

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Hi there, well I had an ileostomy done and had to have the back passage sewn up, but it took a long time for it to heal, some 2 years. This was due to continued infection, but it was eventually okay. What I found comforting was to wear some cotton pads in my underwear, which gave good comfort, and taking lots of baths and using Savlon in the bath water. This proved to be a good disinfectant. But your wife will be fine in time.


I have a continent ileostomy, the BCIR. I had a total proctocolectomy (anus removed) this past December due to rectal cancer and FAP. I honestly don't think the rectum being removed is that bad and that was my greatest fear. Mine healed in weeks. I went back to the gym 2 months later and I am an Olympic weightlifter. I was doing fine. I get some pressure like gas wants to come out but that usually means I need to drain my pouch. I read you shouldn't use a donut pillow but I did at work for a month then never needed it again. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Thanks for this thread, I had this surgery a bit over 2 weeks ago and my bottom is still as sore as day 1. I hope it will feel better soon, so tired of lying about and just want to get on with life, but sounds like as soon as I am feeling better I can look forward to chemo. Wish I could just skip the next 6 months but I'll get through it somehow...


I had my rectum and anus removed 8 months ago. It took quite a while to recover. I used a waffle pillow and it helped a lot. It was several months before my bottom didn't hurt. I assume you were all sewn up and now have a Barbie butt. For me, everything was so much better after I had my rectum and anus removed. I wish you the best.

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Hi Mars and Houstonlady, when I had my surgery, I don't think I sat upright for at least 2 months. And when I was able to, I used a thick down-filled pillow. I don't think I fully healed for at least a year.


I had mine removed due to colon/rectal cancer last July, for me it was a great trade-off. I was released after 5 days in the big house. Pretty sore for a few weeks, I started walking the day I got home and it really helped, along with other exercises. I will add that I was pretty weak and couldn't take much, had a horrible experience in the hospital before I got out. I went back to work part-time the 2nd week home, by the 3rd week was pretty much full-time again. Your butt will hurt for a while, no question about it, but it does go away in time. Mine healed up without any problems and the stoma works fine, (as much as I don't like to deal with it) I lost 15 pounds during the adjustment period, and still at the same weight. Post OP...I ate as much as I could tolerate while on Chemo/Rad, knowing about the possible weight loss after surgery. Last check-up, cancer-free.....


Same scenario here!! Had my surgery Dec 2009, nurses had me up walking 3 days after surgery. It took about 4 months for my butt to heal completely, during that time I had a slow "leak" or discharge which made it very uncomfortable. I used Kotex and rolled up paper towels in my shorts... LOL!! No probs since then thank goodness, stoma working fine like a Texas oil well!! I lost about 30 pounds due to the whole rad/chemo/surgery process, I had chemo before and after surgery. I gained most of it back, but still shy of about 10 to 12 pounds of where I was at 175 before I got sick. Now... all is good, I eat everything and anything with no issues at all. 6 years + and cancer free.

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I am not so lucky as my bottom still hurts, even after 10 years. They say it is because I had MRSA twice while the wound was trying to heal, which took all of 9 months. All that radiation did not help either. Sitting on an electric heating pad in the evenings while reading in bed does help a lot, but I don't think I will ever get rid of the pain. Sympathy to those who are in the same situation. X


Oh, I can feel what you are talking about because I have the same condition.

I have a permanent ileostomy.

Hope all of you are okay. xx


Hi, sounds like you went through what I am about to. I had a perfect bowl in 2014 which ended with a colostomy 9 months later has surgery to remove a cancer tumor which left me with an ileostomy. Yankees all very well now I have to have my anus removed. They will not go through the front too much scar tissue so they will go through the butt and the wound will have to heal from the inside out. PLEASE CAN ANYONE GIVE ME INFO LIKE HOW LARGE A WOUND, how long to close up and pain involved trying to sit

I would really appreciate whatever info available. I am a 74-year-old male



I am a 50-year-old female that is diagnosed with anal rectal cancer in October 2017. I've been getting radiation and chemo from November to January 2018. I was evaluated in February for major surgery, such as me getting a colostomy in March of 2018, where I ended up having my rectum closed. As long as you don't sit for several weeks, you should be okay, and you may want to get pain medicine. I'm still in the healing process since March, and I'm doing well. Sometimes I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is some light and some flowers down there.

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