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Safe Low-Fat Foods?


I gained a significant amount of weight since getting my ostomy placed. What are some safe foods that aren't going to cause weight gain but also won't cause a blockage?

I have Crohn's, so fiber is a bit of an enemy, and I need to be extra careful with any fruits, veggies, or whole grains, but I want some snacks during the day that won't add on pudge!

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Potatoes (without skin), rice, pasta are low fat and low fiber.

But fats aren't the cause of weight gain. High caloric intake, low activity, animal foods, medication (PREDNISONE) and foods with artificial sweeteners are more of a factor.

Are you gaining weight back that you lost from being sick or are you becoming overweight?

I had to go completely gluten free, when I did I lost 100 pounds


Going gluten free wouldn't cause weight loss on its own.  Removing junky foods containing gluten is likely what caused it (white bread, cookies, cakes, etc.).  Since gluten is beneficial for us, there's no reason to avoid it unless you have celiac disease.
My weight gain is due to recovery from being sick but now I want to stop. I developed an appetite and tend to eat higher fat foods because I avoid the fiber so now I just want it to stay status quo.


But have you reached your ideal weight or are you overweight?  I also ate a lot (and still do) since my ileostomy, and I don't feel bad about it at all - it's the first time in years that I can enjoy food, but I also choose healthy foods (next to no junk) and I track my calories.

Also, do you have access to a dietitian?  I'd recommend speaking with one to make sure you're eating a healthy diet for your condition and if you're concerned about gaining too much weight, they'll help you get you on track.

Have you started exercising since your op or have plans to?
I'm ideal weight now. I have spoken to nutritionists before but they seem to know nothing about how fiber and crohn's interact.


If fiber is a problem, go with the low-fiber options I listed above, or cook your food (cooked or canned fruits/vegetables aren't really problematic).

Even with Crohn's, fiber should only be limited IF you are in a flare - if you are in remission, then fiber will be beneficial as it allows fiber-eating bacteria to create a healthy gut flora, enhancing the immune system and also helping to control cholesterol.

What are you eating in a typical day?  Do you keep a food diary or track your intake? is a great place to track your intake online and see if you are overeating (calories).
Thanks I will I think I'm forever scared of fiber lol.


I advise you not to eat foods that contain sugar, flour. Increase the amount of protein consumed and do regular exercises

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