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Practicing irrigation in UK

I had a colostomy at the end of June and for past three weeks have been irrigating.  I would like to exchange tips and or advice with another lady in UK . I had to wait awhile to start this due to ostomy nurses holidays and certainly wish to continue but some days it seems to work better than others and I would welcome encouragement from a more experienced irrigator.
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Hello there ..sorry am not a female...whoops..but here goes..I have been irrigating for 5 years now..and well for those colostomates  who are eligble......... it is a life saver does set you control the situation........

Here is the way I do it........I do it in the shower...on a soft bench...with a bucket ..and a kit from one of the supplers........hang the kit on the shower is very you will be on a bench........or an upside down strong bucket.....a higher one........

I do it before I shower and well have is easier on clean can relax while doing it and then.....irrrigate and then take shower.......clean up a all goes in to the bucket...........just relax and let the procedure take its course............

Even when travelling I use this method............even if there is no shower stall and just a bath tub........I hope  I have been of some help.........

You take care......

Kind regards

I have been reading about irrigation for a few monthsa now I fall to see what good it does  except give you a false sense of securtiy, what happend if you do have a problem and then what
thanks for reply interesting WAB

You obviously agree irrigating well worth effort and reliable in due course. I am having a few teething problems getting water in but definitely intend to persevere as already some benefit


i have a question.....have you tried irrigation???

Never act until you have clearly answered the question: "What happens if I do nothing?"  ~Robert Brault


Hi I have been irrigating for 2 yrs now and it is great. you don't have to worry about any accidents. All though I am just getting back into it because I had a stoma hernia in April and I am still recovering.
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