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Why does Hernia fix seem to never fix


When and why do we have hernias fixed and they always seem to come back i have had a parastomal hernia (HUGE) had the mesh done and my old stoma site has more scar tissue so now i hear that the sparastomal hernia has come back really does my head in these operatrions never seem to work but saying that I have crohnic severe nerve damage folks please read storys as i would never have had 9 operations to be left to live my life in Pain

no medications are of help not really and side effects wont even go there but i hope :)

Hope all the new and not so new Osties are healthy and happy as life has got in the way of me popping in so will try to pop in a little more but as i see time after time NO ONE IN CHAT ROOM !!

Im iN Australia so note your day time i hear so much about means my day time im tyalking to you well im out n about as no one has been in chat room so adios amigos later :)))))))

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I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain.  I was just searching the internet a few minutes ago about hernias.  I had one pre-colostomy.  Then  I had a parastomal hernia, and I'm pretty sure I have one again after my reversal in the early part of September.   I'm going to see my family doctor Wednesday and see what she thinks.

From what I read, these damned hernias are pretty common.  :-(  I'm hope you get to feeling better soon. 


Thnx 4 your reply i doubt me carrying a heavy box oh beer was of any help though i dont like to feel like i cant pick things up i try not to but as a ARIWS maybe im a tad more stubborn cheers and i hope you have a lovely day thanks MOOZ


Hi Mare. While you're getting ready for some nice warm wethear down under, many of us on the far side are now getting ready for a long, cold winter. Maybe we will stay indoors more often and be at our computers visiting in the Chat Room.

By the way, wasn't that an awful spell of weather? You have company.



Hello ..Oh Wild Colonial one !!

I had a big post of Incisional hernia a few yrs back . My surgeon fixed it for me , as I think he felt responsible . Did me a tummy tuck, straightened out scar line &  repaired hernia with mesh & 27 staples . I used to play tunes on my staples like a xylophone .

Held  up well , small pot belly has reurned due to my liking of  English real ale . Never did get a stoma hernia  maybe because i'm Urostomy not Colostomy .

Its now been 7 yrs since they removed my bladder , seems just like yesterday . Doesnt time fly when you are enjoying yourself....

Hope that they get to bottom of your problem soon  &  you start to recover...

Tip...get one of the servants to carry the beer !!!


Hello Mr Sir VULCAN you cheeky bugger lol apparently they wont touch me after all this nerve damage i now have so as they say UP YA BUM pardon the pun and for the beer try a VB or Crown lager preferably a COLD ONE LOL MOOZA........ well i picked a winning hoirse in the Melbourne cup but cant pay for no fix up on thei wild gut of mine but maybe ill come to the UK OK :)


JOHN -aka prime i seen the blistering cold weather your having my heart would break for you but as you know i have no heart LOl its spring and im waiting for Melbournes topsy turvey weather to sort itself out and well its like my pain ok for 10 min rotten the next and insane over n over all in the 1 day ............Zeppo billy i miss you and John your on my fb and u got my dodo emails lol yep i have another one hope u get my emails cheers OZZY


Hi Mooza i have crohns & a colostomy & have had 3 surgeries this year due to hernias.  First time i`ve been off work for the whole year & don`t know if i`ll be able to go back.  I`m upto about 9-10 surgeries now so your not alone.  I`m in Aus also Perth other side.


I have a parastomal hernia that is gettting bigger and bigger and bigger.......   What do you suggest I do about it please?  What is the reason for nerve damage do you think?

Looking forward to anyone's advice!  I am in the UK, Surrey.


Hi Mooza.  I'm not sure where you're calling home but if you're in North America, you really should seek a referral to Dr. John Hagen (Minimally Invasive Surgery Group in Toronto - 416-782-2616). 

My colostomy surgery was 20+ years ago and in 2010 I began experiencing issues related to a parastomal hernia.  My general surgeon tried a revision but the problems persisted so he referred me to Dr. Hagen who admitted that he'd never done this sort of hernia repair before.  He warned me of "normal" issues related to laproscopic surgery and informed me that the hernia will probably return.  We went forward:  it took 3 tries but in May 2011 he was successful and here we are over 4 years hernia-free!  His team is stupendous and the entire group at the hospital is "off-the-scale" ... (their typical patient is seeking weight loss via banding surgery).


Hey patin im in australia and the person and no im not alone but as i say it we walk in our own shoes my nerve damage is at the crippling point like fetal position only thing that helps is big dosesof pain killers and im sick of having to get up during the night to have another pill so i can sleep it gets to a point i wanna rip my own guts out ARGGG

Im alone in my pain i would love to share but i care to much LOL ,I cant really travel esp to the usa or canada unless they do free surgeries (doubt that) just want some of the adhesions to try and be sorted less pain would make my life soooo much better I want to work and be paid My volunteering has helped very much but who works so hard for Ostomates and real work for free with no money to get on with life all my friends work and leaving full time work the day i was 33 just i get really pissed off :) hope everyone has a lovely chrissy though cheers MOOZ

Beach weather and im stuck with some sorta bug if anyone in Melbourne knows of a surgeon who deals with crohnic nerve damage i would love to see them xx


U may have had 9-10 surgeries how many stomas have they put on you this is my third time as i had a HUGE ULCER so i was reversed 3 times now im left in agony with these concrete scar tissue I walk alone :(


nerve damage is from having the nerves cut so many times have u not noticed after your operations u find that you cant fl your skin ??? mine now is numb and i can only fel pain deep inside but as i have lost 14kilos its seems worse and i have now got another parastomal hernia i think the more operations u have the weaker your muscells are :) 


Hi Mooza, I just joined the site to-day ( from South Africa ) please give me more infomation and success ??? of the parastoma Hernia mesh procedure which I am considering, I have no pain but a bulging "Melon" ostomy which has developed a Hernia in the supporting stoma wall. My ostomy lasted well until i worked in the garden, which caused the Hernia. It will be great to hear of your experiences with the mesh


Lost count.  Been relocated more than 5 times so far.  On second round of mesh, have the largest mesh in there now.  After the latest 3 surgeries I have another hernia & waiting on surgeons to operate again.  Its a permenent ostomy I have as they removed the rest of my bowels due to crohns damage.


Truely feel for everyone here, I'm only just acknowledging my own physical pains. Need to get my hernia seen to as well, in my case it will be the second one I've ignored till now that is since arriving on this site. All of you here take care *hugs*

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