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I have been using the same pouches, etc. for 10 years. Are there any great new products, especially ones that may give you more control in regulating your output? Does anyone use a cap? Interested in your knowledge. Thanks, Kevin.


I was thinking of trying a cap. I inquired with Hollister but was informed that they were discontinued, and then left it alone. I'd be interested in hearing of any members on here using them and the pros and cons.

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When you say "cap," are you meaning the small bag used for swimming?


Coloplast makes a stoma cap... (which, for those of you who do not know, is a very small bag attached to the flange); I tried it, but it is just one piece and is only made to wear for a very short time. I contacted many suppliers and wish they made a two-piece. The problem is, if you have gas, you are stuck removing the whole apparatus as there is no way to release any gas.

This type of cap is good for people who irrigate, which I do, but it should be made as a two-piece. If anyone knows of a company making one that is two-piece, I am interested.

I am confused, however, as to why they call it a cap.


Hi there. I have had a colostomy for four years, and I have tried a lot of different products. There is an opinion, of course, for everyone, and many will differ because we all have different needs. With that being said, I do wear a stoma cap - and yes, it is just that; a cap. Not a small bag, etc., and it does have a filter at the top for letting any air or gas out without the smell. I wear the stoma cap after I irrigate. You could also wear it at other times like swimming, I suppose. It is flat and not seen on the outside at all. It feels as if there is nothing there, so I experience a great feeling of freedom! :) I have read comments from others about how it is. There is only one way to know exactly everything about it, and that is to have used it for a period of time. There is some freedom in irrigation and then wearing a stoma cap; however, I do choose to even give irrigation a break sometimes. So, I do wear stoma pouches also occasionally. I hope this has been somewhat informational for you. musicboxx

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I use the Hollister 82402 one-piece/disposable. It doesn't hang down your leg.

See if they will send you a sample. The 82400 is okay also.

Like it, these are the best so far.



Hi Dr. KevBob - I have been irrigating daily since 2009 and have been tempted to try a stoma cap - only problem is, as noted above, Hollister doesn't make them anymore, and I hate to give up my New Image 2 piece - it's so comfortable and the adhesive works well for me. So I wear the New Image drainable Mini-Pouch, which is very small - when it is empty it feels like I am wearing virtually nothing, yet if I have an unscheduled output between irrigations it can hold quite a bit of volume before I have to empty it. It comes with a filter which is just marginal, but can be "burped" if need be.

By the way: I've visited Boulder City in the past and liked the place - it seemed like a nice town as opposed to the glitz of Las Vegas. :) Pinky


I use Coloplast stoma caps, they are two-piece and the longest I wore one was two and a half days. I have a colostomy at the level of the sigmoid colon and I irrigate. Barring any GI disturbances, I can get up to 48 hours of bowel control. Stoma caps are awesome for me.



Over 40 years ago, I needed an ileostomy which can be very different from colostomy. Amazingly enough, I find that the system that I was put on 40 years ago is the same system that I prefer now. I have tried the newer systems from various manufacturers and find the newer and improved pouches and systems, although easier to use, to be too flimsy and come off too easily. I use a system made by Marlen. It is complicated because there is a faceplate that attaches to the pouch. An o-ring seal that goes around both to secure it from leaking. Double-sided adhesive disk that goes on the faceplate and then attaches to the skin. I use Marlen Odor-Ban Ileostomy Pouch, which is a lightweight plastic pouch constructed with the patented Odor-Ban™ inner liner, and it is odor-resistant. You can't see anything at all through the pouch and don't even really need a pouch cover. I feel very secure using this method and I can go swimming or a hot tub without any problem. I can also go for up to a week without changing it.

I just hope that Marlen never stops making this system until I die or that I never have arthritis in my hands to prevent me from putting it together because I don't want to use anything else. You know what they say... sometimes, they don't make 'em like they used to.

Best of luck in your search.


Kevin, I was just thinking about something similar. Does anyone know of a website that reviews products in one place? Amazon can be helpful because they do actually have a good amount of reviews, however their product selection is minimal at best. A comparison table with some reviews would be great if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for something like

with actual reviews. Thanks! And Kevin, I hope you get your answer.


Thanks for the information.


Try Cymed! I promise you won't be sorry. They will send you free samples. Good luck!

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