Leakage issues with Hollister 2 piece system


Can't seem to get this under control. I'm using a Hollister 2 piece, adapt ring, and it's always leaking. I had 4 nurses already trying to remedy this situation. They first had me put the ring in the flange, now they tried the ring molded to the stoma on the skin, IDK what to do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I do not use the type you have because I could not get them to seal and they were hard against the skin. I am very pleased with the SenSura Mio and I usually use the Brava Elastic Barrier Strips if I am going somewhere that could be difficult to change the pouch if I felt unsure.

I also know that any form of shampoo can really mess up the stickiness of any form of bag -- no matter how careful I am, sometimes I have to re-shower to be sure ---

Good luck -- do enlist the Hollister company to help you - they have people that know the product and can advise specifically.

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If you are fairly new post-op, you may have to give things a little time. I know the area around the stoma needs time to heal and "smooth out". Early post-op, you may still have some swelling and such not really visible to the naked eye. What do you do to prep the area prior to changing? I hope you are washing it with a soap that does not contain oils or perfume. Do you have these? Do you use a wipe-on or spray-on skin prep? They do help. Do you wear a belt? Again, this will help till things smooth out by putting a little pressure on the flange. How is the skin under the flange? If red and weepy, you will have to treat that separately before anything works well. Please keep us posted of your progress. God bless you through these early "dark days", you will master it...have faith.


Hi Susan.  Ewesful and MMSH gave you great advice and I'm sure you'll find your way through this.  You mention 4 nurses and I'm wondering if they are the WOCN type.  If not, I think you could politely request one and that might take the pressure off all of you.

Wish you the best.



Thanks Mike, two of them are ostomy nurses.

Mild Manner, waiting for my belt to arrive. The one they gave me at the hospital was too big!

Yes, I only use water.

I shampoo with the appliance on. But I cover it with Press and Seal.

I have a loop. Could that be the reason? I'm having problems?

Thanks all

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I have an Ileal Conduit (Urostomy) and highly recommend Coloplast with Eakin's Seals and the Brava Elastic Barrier 1-2 moons. Best I've found in 5 years. Good luck!


OK Susan, here goes another try. You use Hollister and an Adapt ring. I use Convatec and an Eakin Seal now and when I had my loop. I never leaked and I'm now horrified that I actually wrote those words without knocking on wood, concrete, lava rock, and masonite. Assuming your peristomal skin is reasonably flat and you dry the stoma before placing the ring right up to it and the wafer opening is not too large, it should not leak. I use a hairdryer to heat the ring and wafer; not hot, just warm. I also slide a tube (actually a plastic pipe coupling) over the stoma and press the wafer and ring to the skin for about a minute. I change the whole thing weekly.

I'm sure we all want this to work for you. Please keep us posted.



Thanks, Mike.

I'm going to look these up now.


Hi, Susan. Leaks are terrible. I might recommend using medical tape to hold the flange in place. This works for me to create a good seal. Other than that, you should be using a belt with your appliance, and you may need a convex flange. Hope this helps.


Thanks Mark,

I ordered some samples of Convex. It does not leak out past the flange, just around the stoma area and the skin is not looking good. I don't even know it's leaking until I go to change. Even with the ring seals, the stool gets under it.

What belt do you recommend? The Hollister belt is not comfy.


The Convatec belt is the most comfortable one I have tried. The part number is 175507. If the skin beneath the barrier is inflamed, try a little Mylanta on it, let it dry, and put a wipe on skin barrier. I prefer Coloplast on top of the Mylanta. The irritated skin is causing your leaks, is my guess.


I have also heard good things about Convatec belts. I've never used anything but Hollister.

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Hi Susan,

I use Convatec and have for years. I wear the 2-piece system and the wafer is Durahesive.

It's a wafer with a flange and the bag has a flange that snaps on. Simple.

Hope this helps, you're doing the right thing by ordering samples, you'll find the right fit :)

Oh and I shower and swim with mine, I don't cover it with Press and Seal. I do use waterproof tape sometimes but only for long periods of wetness. You shouldn't need it for showering....

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