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Diet, environment and gas


Hey all!

It's been a while since I've been active here. I had my ileostomy for over 10 years now and have gone through quite an ordeal at the beginning. Earlier this year I decided to lose weight and changed my diet. I eliminated yogurt, chips, crackers, cookies and switched to wheat bread. The issue I am having is that now I have episodes of gas for a while, especially at work. This makes me nervous to go into meetings, as you can imagine. I spend most of my time either in my office, on the production floor or in the maintenance shop. I never had these issues at the last company I worked for or even before the dietary change. I haven't added anything to my diet, just elimination of the above items.

Could anything I have eliminated actually curbed the gassy episodes?

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bread and grains give me gas, others may be different. try removing the bread from your diet.


Hi Derek,  I read your post and wanted to comment.  I found yogurt to be very helpful with gas.  I eat it several times per week because I have other stomach issues and it helps.  Several people suggested that I take a probiotic but the yogurt is fine for me.  It also helps lessen stool odor.  Take care.  LH


Thanks MMSH and LadyHope!

I am going to go back to white bread from wheat and see what happens. I will also look for a low fat yogurt with low/no sugar.


Hi again....I can't eat the no sugar brand yogurt because it makes my stomach hurt, give me indigestion.  I think it is the fake sweetner.  Take care and good luck.  LH 


Hi. I think bread and grains gives gas..

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