Shower cap alternative for keeping Uro Bag dry


Couldn't reaccess the shower questions so I'll put this here. For me, I shop Dollar General or Family Dollar for "Bowl Covers", assorted size covers that are exactly like elasticized Shower Caps. I fold up my Uro Bag and slip a small cover over Appliance and, so far so good for keeping it all dry!


What a great idea! I have a covering on the ones I use now that the bag rolls up into, but before that idea would have been perfect. I used plastic wrap a few times ---

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What do you happen to use to hold the cover to your stomach? I've used the kind of wrap n seal, which sticks to itself, also works to keep my PICC line completely dry, but on the tummy, with water running straight down onto it, or in a longer shower, and especially after a day or 2 in the bag, I don't always want to have to do a bag change during shower time. I've been taping the wrap n seal sometimes, or wait till after my shower, dry the flange as much as possible and then I'll use a Brava elastic barrier strip to prevent possible leaks for an extra day maybe 2 or until I'm ready to change the whole thing. So basically I'm open to any new suggestion to make showering simpler!

Also should mention the fact that my (Crohn's) disease at the stage that it is combined with the other diseases, and all the recent trauma that my body has been through, taking a shower takes just about as much out of me as running cross country meet (back in the day) and would take 3 days in parts, with help to get done depending on my energy that day, or 2 days if I could.


I think 4-5 days on a bag is considered enough---I am finally at that point again after reactive issues. The plastic wrap works but I don't bother, I just don't let the really warm water blast the area and I fold the bottom up and hold one hand over it and all seems to go very well. Then I keep myself turned as needed to enjoy the warmth and joy of the water!

It sounds like you are doing all you can....good luck and hang in there.


Have you tried Sure Seal rings? They go on over your base plate or wafer depending on whether you use a two-piece or one-piece system. Here is a link where you can get more information. I haven't had any issues with my seal being compromised while taking a shower. They are also great if you have a leak to give you a bit more time to get yourself together to go and change your appliance. They are so very thin it is like wearing an extra layer of skin. You don't even know it's there until you need it.

The bag itself dries very quickly with a towel or even a low setting from a hair dryer.

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I didn't want to start a new bathing/showering topic since a search of the site reveals it's been gone over and over.

I tried out my kiddie-sized shower cap today because dammit I wanted a shower before pouch change day. It was not a disaster but not quite what I'm looking for. The bottom of the shower cap filled up with water, had to empty it a few times. Actually said screw it towards the end and just took it off. My pouch was just damp not soaked, I did exactly what has been said above before I read it, I dried it with a towel then hit it with a hairdryer on low for less than a minute. It's not totally dry but also not wet enough to bother me. I'll try and adjust the caps I've already purchased (I used the panda today) and see if I can get it working better and await SallyNBC's review of the shower belt thingy before I go spending any more money.

All in all, it was a win. I'm clean and happy and honestly the picc line is more of a pain to protect from water.

Before I got so ill, I needed the picc line and ostomy. I was a once a day, sometimes twice a day shower guy. Needless to say, I haven't been that guy for months. Now that the fear has abated, I know I'll at least be a 4 times a week guy opposed to my current 2 only on pouch change day guy.

Baby steps, but it is progress. Weight has held steady with a 1lb drop since last week, WAY better than the yo-yo with the hydrations and just fumbling along gain 20 lose 10 cycle I was in.

Now I'm just rambling. Speaking of rambling, anyone remember the car make Rambler? I like those cars. Mom had one when I was very young!