Questions about Belts, Protectors, and More! Need advice on ostomy accessories.


Hey guys!

I had a few questions about ostomy accessories such as belts, protectors, etc.

I first wanted to ask, if you are using a belt or stoma guard, why? I ask because I know a lot of people don't use these, so I'm curious as to why some people do.

I know Stealth Belts are very popular. I was thinking of getting one, though the whole thing seemed a bit weird to me. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding it. I understand you put your bag into the belt, but that means your bag would need to be horizontal, correct? If that's right, do people who wear their bag "regular," especially a one-piece, not typically able to use these? Another concern is, even if you were able to get it vertical into the belt, it seems as though your output would...just kind of sit at the stoma, since it's sideways. Sorry if I'm explaining this horribly!

And how is emptying the bag vertically with the belt? It seems like it would be hard?


Stoma guards...I know those you can wear your bag pretty much normally. As of right now, I just wear my bag straight down, not tucked in my pants or anything. I got my ostomy in October 2015. Haven't been able to wear a seatbelt normally since, haha. I was going to try and start exercising and go to the gym soon, since...well...I've been so immobile for so long. I want that to change.

I was curious if any of you guys had this too, and how you liked it. I know it's not necessary for working out/everyday activity, but it would be helpful to get some protection just in case. Though yikes, they seem expensive. (At least the ones I looked at).

Any recommendations or input is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


I wear a Hollister two-piece system with the Hollister belt. It is just an elastic strap with clips, providing a little more protection from blowouts. I also wear a bandeau (tube top) to keep it from flopping around. My preference, even though I have blocked filter problems because of it. If I did activities that would involve the possibility of bumping into stuff, I would look into a guard of some type.


Hi gamer, I think the stealth belt is more for colostomies than ileostomies. They have almost constant output. I occasionally wear a belt that attaches to the pouch if I get some wafers that don't seem to stick on too well.

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Hello, ileostomate here. I wear a belt for added security and it keeps my bag from weighing down. I wear a maternity band with certain dressy clothes for a smoother look, although never totally smooth or flat compliments of the bag. Guys can wear them under shirts as well. I do recommend buying a size larger so you are not constricting the bag/flow.


Thanks for the replies, you guys. I appreciate it.

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Hello Osto Gamer. I wear a hernia belt for the simple reason I have a hernia and don't want it to get worse. I have also used a stoma guard when lifting and grooming dogs as I have found that the most dangerous part of a dog tends to be its claws, especially when its trying to be friendly. Those of you who have dogs will probably know that as they are lifted, they tend to push into your stomach area  with their back legs to give themselves some support. This could be catastrophic for a vunerable stoma so this is the reason I gave to myself for getting a proper stomaguard even thought the hernia belt is also protective to some extent.

I hope this is helpful

Best wishes


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