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Stoma and Tattoos For the Coolest and Most Heartwarming Reason


These Three Friends Got Matching Tattoos For the Coolest and Most Heartwarming Reason smile

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That's brilliant!!


Hey Sun,

Never said that before, having only daughters : ). What wonderful friends you have. My mother taught me that if you find 1 true friend in your lifetime you are truely blessed, well it looks like you're doubly blessed. My best friend (my true friend for over 30 years) and I got matching tats years ago before health problems plagued us both. Just one more bond to share. God bless you and your friends.



Love it! What terriffic friends you have.


Thats awsome!what great friends you have! cool




I love your matching tattoos!!

I also have the semicolon. I designed it with a butterfly and open heart on my wrist like a bracelet . I got it when I retired... for a number of reasons and to remind myself that my story (life) isn't over yet.

What inspired yours? Are you familiar with the semicolon project?

It is such a special thing to have with your "true" friends. Well done!!!



How awesome!

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