Yoga with a stoma: Safety and hiding options?


Hi, I am thinking of starting yoga as a form of destressing, etc. I have had a stoma for 7 years and have managed to get around that with running, etc. Is it firstly safe to do yoga with a stoma and secondly, if so, how do I hide it? An all-in-one body was one option I was thinking. I am just mindful that bending around, etc. will most likely show it off, which I do not want. Advice appreciated, thank you! Mari


Hello Mari.

I cannot see any reason why you should not do yoga as long as you are sensible and consider that hernias are so easy to acquire with this condition. I have looked on your profile but it does not inform us of what sort of stoma you have. If it is a colostomy, I would strongly recommend irrigation, as this would allow you to empty out and not worry about output during these sorts of activities. If it is an ileostomy, then reducing the input before the activity might help.

Personally, I would try not to be too self-conscious about what other people might see or think as it is your life and you are the one who is trying to get the most out of it. There are always going to be people who have difficulty with other people's afflictions - but that is THEIR problem and not yours.

Best wishes



G'morning Mari, hi I wear Jockey high-waisted panties.

I get them from Macy's. I like them because I have worn

form-fitted dresses, and you cannot see the stoma!!

Which sounds like something that you want. I get

them at Macy's. Sometimes you have to order. They might

have a few out there, but not in all sizes. Try those. They

have been my best friend (smile). Hope this helps!!! Angelicama

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If you live your life in fear of what you can or cannot do and worry about what others think, you will not be happy...

If someone asks, tell them the truth... Your appliance is part of your life. If people judge or hate you, you don't need them anyway.



Hi Mari,

I also had the same questions as you, and this is what I know. Several months ago, I joined a beginners' yoga class. This is with a bunch of gals that I have fundraised with, and we decided to do something else together. We are ALL beginners and have no previous experience or knowledge of yoga. I was a bit concerned about what I could or couldn't do with my ileostomy. Our instructor shared with us that it isn't a race, no one has to do/be better than anyone else, and told us to do what we can without straining any part of our body. It is about relaxing, doing what our body allows, and gently stretching and massaging body parts to gain better circulation, relaxation, balance, core strength, and generally feel better. I have learned not to eat several hours before my class but remember to stay hydrated with small sips of water. I wear high-waisted stretch pants to cover my bag and keep it somewhat in place and a loose-fitting top as I sometimes get a little warm. I don't think anyone notices that I have a bag as they are all concentrating on what they are doing and taking instruction. I do only what I feel is comfortable so I don't compromise my seal, and I am fortunate to have an instructor who will show us a move that can be done in several different ways (light, moderate, hard). Some of our gals have knee, back, shoulder, and other issues and can't do the pose as it should be done. We just do what we can and leave it at that. There have been many instances where we just laugh and fall over/down because our balance or strength isn't working for us, and then we pick ourselves up (after a good belly laugh) and begin again. I have found over the past several months that I am getting better with strength and balance and hope to improve little by little at my own pace. I feel better, have lost 6 pounds as I am more conscious of what I am eating, and I am taking this time for myself. I look forward each and every week to MY TIME. I wish you the best and hope you will give it a chance.


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Hello Mari,

To answer your question, a StealthBelt will work great. I have been doing yoga for several years and it is a good way to keep it out of the way so you can do all the positions.

I applaud Bill's confidence and I also hope you will get to that point someday. I think with the ostomy bag hanging and in the way, it's really more practical to keep it secure so you can really focus on relaxing.

I found that without it, it can get caught or pulled when bending or twisting depending on the level of yoga class you are in.

Agreed, yoga is a great way to destress.

:-) Namaste



You seem to have concerns about doing yoga with an ostomy and having it discreet. There is a belt made by Ostomy Guard that would solve your problem. They are a little pricey but conceal your stoma very well. It is made of a somewhat hard material that allows it to take a beating and not affect your stoma. I believe the company is called Stoma Guard. The owner deals directly with you, which is nice because he has an ostomy also. Good luck!


Thanks for a great question, Mari! I'm seriously considering a yoga class too. We have a few people in our Ostomy Support Group that enjoy yoga as well as hiking. They all highly suggest being fit for a hernia belt. I know you can order them stock but having them fit by a qualified ostomy nurse helps to assure the proper fit and they have great suggestions with regard to your individual needs. They tell me they even garden and do household chores with the hernia belt. From what I've learned about getting a hernia, it seems to be a prudent choice. I injured my back last week and I'm still struggling... wishing I would have had the hernia belt, it very well would have made a huge difference. I understand how important it is to be able to feel confident with the appliance... that way you can relax and get the full benefit of the yoga moves.

You've got this! Enjoy!! Vicki



I did yoga for a few years. I've had an ileostomy for 41 years, and it was not a problem. Rather than tights, why not try shorts and a tee-shirt if that would make you feel more comfortable?

Mike Q


Hi Mari,

I wear a close-fitting vest top with Indian cotton harem-style trousers and find I'm not restricted and comfortable. The vest can come down over my bag and tucked into the trousers, which are patterned and hide things very well!



Are we all hiding?

Why are we hiding?

I've only done a few yoga classes but at the beginning I tell the instructor my limitations--mainly, I feel highly vulnerable on my right side abdomen (stoma, cancer surgery, they don't need even THAT many details). And I have bending limitations. And I don't want any guff as to my chosen loose comfy clothes. If your yoga instructor gets uptight with your demands for sensitivity, you are definitely in the wrong yoga class!

It helps all of us if people meet active people who admit that they have had a colostomy.

Nobody ever gets mean about it. They bend over backwards (OK, maybe that's a yoga expression!:)) to be accepting. And sure, you don't want your colostomy to define you as a person, but people need to know nice people with colostomies so that when they have to deal with it within their own family/friends group, they are more comfortable.

Pave the way, Mari. This is your chance to be bold and brave and to stick up for the rest of us.

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