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Hernia prevention & ileostomy appliance support

I'm going blind (and not finding what I know much be out there) looking at the websites -- so maybe someone can lead me in the right direction.

I'm interested in getting a support belt. Not one of the narrow ones that attaches to the pouch and just holds it down better against your body.

Something wider (hopefully not too cumbersome) that goes around the body, supports the abdominal area, and accommodates a vertical ileostomy appliance.

I'm fairly active but have never had great abdominal muscles and was told and retold about being careful about hernias. I'm thinking that such a belt would perhaps prevent hernias and also make me feel more 'protected' for some activities like full-contact gardening, heavyweight grocery shopping and UFC competitions (not lying about the gardening and groceries )

Anyone wear or know of such an item?

Many thanks
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Dunno what you can get in Canada but here in Australia we get a ostomy support belt,, well 3 a year for free. Its a beige colour and made of a stretchy material with velcro fasteners.

Check out this site and it may help you find what you want. other option is i get you one and post it to you.
if you sew you can go to wallmart or what ever store you have and get a back suport one with out metal bars in it and measure where you bag is and cut out a hole just big enough to fit around your ring and sew it up or use the tape that you iron on
Hi Beatrice - have a look at these will give you some idea

Though why they make these things in white I do not know! xx
Thanks all!  

Gus - I should be able to find something locally (but if not, I just might take you up on your offer!)
WeeWee -- I'm at the stage where I'd rather just buy something rather than make it -- what makes that more embarassing is that I am handy/crafty and do sew. Just not into the mindset.
LLady - thanks for the link.
p.s. they make them in white so that we mess/dirty them up and have to buy replacements.

Yep! Never thought of that one, going stupid in my old age .............. xx
I bought some swim suite material and just made a wide band out of it and it works great for swimming ... exercise..sleep ... intimate times ... you name it. I actuall made 4 ... each a different width.
Hi, I also told someone on here about OSTOMYSECRETS web sight, look it up. Have underpants for men and women and a band to wear  also for swimming ect.
Here's another link for you to look at, we get them free here on prescription, perhaps one of the U.K ladies could order one for you?.
Hi Beatrice,
I am also new to stoma care having had a urostomy operation  last September.   Also I like to play golf regularly and also swim so have also been looking to stoma support garments.
I suggest you look at the the website for Comfizz Ltd. which
I have already tried their waistband which I have used for both golf and swimming and found it very effective.   On their recommendation I am about to order and try their unisex boxer garment which they say is even more helpful for the active person and also helps to offset the risk of hernia.   As you are abroad you may prefer to contact them by e-mail and the address is:  Tel:44(0) 1757 229531.   Best of luck, would be interested in how you get on.

Hi Beatrice, if it'a a few pairs of Comfizz you're after, pm me with your address and size, (you can get your mesurments from the link Sportsman provided), and i'll pop a few pairs in the mail to you.
I had surgery in Sept. and again in Oct. of this year and am developing two hernias
Last week I went to the drugstore and bought a wide elastic belt, cut a hole for the bag and stitched up the edges. Whole thing cost me less than $40.00 and works very well. The  
druggist said it works just as well as the belts sold by the Ostomy supply people and costs a lot less. Hope you find something that works for you.
God Bless,
NuHope makes an ostomy hernia belt.  The place where you get your supplies should have the info.  Be sure to get the NuHope manufacturer.

I have just purchased two hernia support belts from  They cost $US140.00 each for the 6" wide belt (it's cheaper for a 4" belt).  I have been wearing it for 1½ days so far and am very pleased with it.

I have a parastomal hernia and had to tell the company the size of the flange of my 2-piece system.

The belt comes with a perspex (like) material (with a hole in it) that flattens the hernia and is comfortable to wear.  I wear my appliance vertically and the bag is supported at the bottom.  I am finding it easy to empty my bags 4-5 times a day.

Today I played lawn bowls for approximately 4½ hours and I felt no discomfort wearing the belt – even crouching down close to the ground to deliver the bowls.

I bought these belts because the manufacturer is a doctor who has an ileostomy and a parastomal hernia.  He invented the support belt because, he felt, that nothing else on the market gave the support he felt was necessary to support his hernia.

Hope this helps.


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