Concerns about refried beans and stoma blockage?


Do any of you folks out there in stoma land have trouble with refried beans? I would like to try some Mexican food but have been worried to do so. I am worried about blockage. This new stoma has been doing so well though that I am thinking I would do okay but I would like to hear some of your thoughts. Thanks!


I can only speak for myself, but I can eat even more things than before ileostomy... Mexican food is my favorite! I don't know what there'd be about refried beans that would cause a blockage unless you're talking about the skins. Even so, if they're mashed and you're chewing well, you won't know unless you try. What works for some creates absolute chaos for others so there's no way of knowing for sure. My sister-in-law doesn't even have an ostomy and can't tolerate rhubarb or celery, even cut into small pieces, because of the stringiness, causing a blockage within hours. Haha, I wouldn't have been able to wait this long to try something that I'm craving!

Good luck, V

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Hello free dancer.

The biggest problem I had is from the fiber. The gas it makes me have can make my poo a little thick because of the fiber. I like menudo and all spicy things. I don't eat many kinds of veggies because my body has never been able to digest them, which gives me lots of gas. But you can go to Walmart and get BEANO liquid. That stuff works great on relieving gas. I just put it under my tongue, a quicker way to get it in the system. It also comes in pill form, but I didn't like how long it took to work for me. However, my grandma liked the pill and it worked for her.

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Mexican food is actually great for ostomates. Tacos are pure meat, low output, some vegetables, good for fiber and vitamins, refried rice which is delicious, and beans made to perfection, just the smell of someone who can make these awesome beans. Once in Mexico, I tried these beans mixed with eggs from this culture of Mexico. It was orgasmic. Do not give up on Mexican food! Ever! Let gas be damned!


Go for it. You won't need to be worried about pinching off flatulence, so it's actually better. Unless you have other dietary issues, you shouldn't worry. Just start in moderation and see how it goes. I agree with others that Mexican food is not a problem.

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Hi Freedancer, I pretty much eat everything I did before, except nuts, grains, and corn. I agree, your output might be a bit thicker, but if you use good old Vaseline on the front of the base and inside of the pouch and close the vent, it will move along easier. Go for it and enjoy.

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I am a newbie, and have been trying everything and anything for the past year, except greens because I am on Warfarin. Corn on the cob is a no-no for me, but then it is a problem for people that don't have ostomies. Refried beans are great, as is Mexican food, just less spicy. Just try and you will know what you can and cannot have. Each and every one of us is different. Happy eating.


Hello, I have eaten refried beans for 30 years with an ileostomy and never had a problem of any kind, but I always eat in moderation, one normal serving. I enjoy taco salads too. As with anything, just use common sense and enjoy.


I've had an ileostomy for over 30 years and refried beans and all other beans really plug me up, unfortunately.


I've had my ostomy since March of this year. I eat Mexican and anything else I feel like. The only thing with spicy food like Mexican or Italian (pizza, lasagna) is the smell of the output. Worse than usual! The only thing I've had trouble with is broccoli, which gives me terrible gas. My bag inflates like a balloon! But everything in moderation.

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