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Well, it's been 6 weeks since my surgery. It really has been a slow recovery. I'm a little disappointed. The doctor said a small portion of the incision is completely healed, but the other portion is still open. I feel like I'm doing everything like I'm supposed to - keeping it dry, clean, and using a fan on it. However, I still can't sit for long because it's very tender. It stings sooo bad when I pee. The doctor gave me some barrier cream, but it actually makes it sting MORE!!! Do you have any suggestions to help with this? I'm still having drainage. What makes others heal so quickly?



One of the things I have learned since surgery in 2014 is that diet has a lot to do with the healing process. If you are doing all that you can physically to help the healing, you might want to look at what you are eating. Protein is tantamount to helping our bodies heal when injured. There are many different ways to get good amounts of protein in your daily diet, so a little research should help you determine what would work best for you, like if you are eating things like meats and fish or if you still lean more towards liquid sources, like smoothies or things like "Ensure" and "Boost". Good luck with figuring out what will work for you.


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Bladder / Prostate removal 2015 ___Hernia repair 2017 (four more poke holes) with a good report of the first surgery as there was no scarring anywhere. Now I take Aloe Vera to help with Hernias. Had diverticulitis for years then learned of "Cat Claw" from an old Mexican gentleman. He said that it has been used by the Indians and others forever. No problems for several years now.

At first the healing was fast and I had problems with leaking wafer in most inopportune times. Invented a device to help with that and now I

have to watch the calendar so that I change the wafer on a timely basis. It uses a belt and still allows the accordion wafer to function. I use the ostomy barrier powder, the barrier spray, and the barrier paste (let it dry for a while before applying.) All these products are non-allergenic and they work fine for me. For the past several months the skin at the lower part of the stoma was whitish in color. Asked the doctor and got no good response. Keep asking for an Ostomy nurse or whatever with no results. Okay... back to homeopathic means... Been trying to keep the area very clean with soap and water then dry well and use the pads that remove all sticky residues then proceed. So then filled the tub w/hot water, added Epsom Salts and enjoyed a good soaking. Had been trying to keep water away.. Then as I was cleaning with the little pad, all the whitish skin came off leaving healthy skin.. Read on other places where a lot of people were having the same problems and hope this may be of help. At 83 years I am very active with several hobbies, music two days per week, bowhunting and working on inventing something or other stuff in my shop the rest of the time. Think positive and God bless.


OBH, I too believe that the misguidance of the medical industry about infrequent changes and bathing skin around the stoma are actually harmful to the ostomate. The skin is the largest organ we have, and it needs to be cleaned regularly--all of it. I shower without my appliance and change daily, and the only time I had an issue was when I was incapacitated for 6 days and did not shower and change daily. That is when the skin around the stoma acquired a "whiteish" color. After two days of regular showering and changing, the issue was gone and my skin was again pink and healthy. I'm not sure why the medical industry advises us against daily changes and bathing, and I fear it is due to insurance and governmental interference over the increase due to more appliance needs. I ignore their line of thought and have had no problems for four years. I have never suffered skin irritation from using and removing the adhesive from the wafer/bag. Just being gentle with your skin is the best way to go.



Drfields24, I can only help with your urinary pain: Have your doc prescribe, get ready: Phenazopyridine HCI. This was scripted for me during my rectal/bladder/uterus radiation to shrink my rectal tumor (and everything else, it seems). I was told to use it as directed for urinary pain. At the time, early days I had no urinary pain. Just a week or so into radiation and OMG! This is not a drug, according to the circular that comes with all scripts. It is a 'masking agent' if you will, and it completely obliterates the pain. It has no drug-like effects, and it is harmless. My doc told me that it essentially 'collects the bacteria and elements that would sting when excreted and 'masks' them.' It is not habit-forming - it has no 'kick'. When you take it you wonder why, as you feel no different - until you urinate. I couldn't believe it. Still can't. No side effects. I started at three times per day, then as time went by and my radiation came to a close, without being told I took it twice a day, then once, then not at all, as I didn't need it. It is sometimes called just pyridine. Try it, healing takes time, and you don't need any unnecessary pain. Hope it helps

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I'm a guy, so the hardware is slightly different, but the end result was the same having had the rectum removed and butt sewn up. My abdominal scar healed just dandy, but I'm assuming that's not the one you're having issues with. As with my healing process, my new butt took a while as well. The biggest difference maker I wish I would have done sooner, and forgive me if I have written this somewhere else, but if I have, I'll say it again, Epsom salt baths, 2 x a day, every day for 20 mins each, in very warm, almost hot water....I noticed very quick results with pain, odor, oozing and drainage, and comfort level. Hopefully you can give this a go and get similar results!!!! Fingers crossed for you.

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