Storage solutions for extra ostomy supplies?


Wow! I am surprised that Edgepark has questioned you! They are in the business of selling supplies, not gauging your use! I would tell them I have one pouch left! What are they going to do, come check your supply dresser for supplies? Not! I tell them to send me everything my insurance will pay for every three months! Fortunately, I have Medicare as secondary so my primary dictates my limits and they are very generous!

Your antique washstand sounds like a perfect storage place! I am lucky to have a huge double linen closet and cabinets under my counters! I have plenty of room and plan to fill it all up before my Medicare becomes primary in the years! Lol


Puppyluv, Medicare is my primary, and they do put a limit on what we need, every three months and ask that Edgepark ask how much we have left. I guess I was over the limit for my 3 months, so they said they couldn't send me any until Dec 26. Unreal. Even though I haven't ordered any for 4 months. Next time I talk to them, I will take your advice and say I only have 2 of 3 left. Evidently, I am only allowed 10 per month. LOL 3 boxes for 3 months. And no matter how many I use, they will only send me 3 boxes which I guess I must use in 3 months or they won't send more if I still have so many left. Crazy system.


Red, that is crazy! The people that make these decisions do not have an ostomy or associated with anyone other than patients that have one! Let them get up close and personal with their shit and see if their views on supply needs change. As I say, I will be storing up on my supplies so when Medicare does become my primary, I am not left with "not holding the bag"! Hahaha! I will have a choice to let my primary go when I am 65 and can take up a supplemental plan! May have to rethink that! Lol as long as my husband works, I am good!


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Hey everyone, I finally got fed up with Edgepark. Now they wouldn't send my supplies until Dec 26 because I have 6 pouches left. And one of the pouches I have used from day one, they no longer carry. Today I had to change because of a small leak. Now down to 5. So I placed a call to a new supplier, Liberator, and they were very helpful and also have what I need and then some. The gentleman I talked to even made some suggestions, and I was surprised he knew so much about ostomies. So goodbye EdgePark, and my supplies are now on the way.


Little Red,

I am really surprised at that! I have always received great service from Edgepark. Some of the people are more knowledgeable than others and some will dig deeper for you, some won't. I did call Liberator once thinking they were an ostomy company versus a supply distributor, I called for samples, and they were very nice as well and wanted my business of course! I would also go to them in the event Edgepark became an issue. I am not sure if they file your insurance, do they? Some do not! That is my only requirement other than getting the right supplies to me at the right time. Keep us posted on any issue you may have getting changed over and how they do! We are all just one order away from a mishap! Lol

Take care


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Has anyone ever tried CBD or hemp for joint pain or sleep? If so, any side effects?

<p><br />Hello vollovr. I have not tried it myself but many others have commented upon it here. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to get many replies by posting a different topic on someone else's post because the tilte of the post indicates that it is about something else. &nbsp; Your topic has been discussed in other forums and blogs but they are a bit difficult to find. If you scroll down on 'LATEST FORUM' topics there is a post entilted 'Cannabis As An Alternative Medicine' where this discussion has taken place. Alternatively, you could try posting your own separate blog or forum topic. &nbsp;<br />Thank you for raising this as it has motivated me to contact admin to ask if they could have a 'FIND TOPIC' icon, which would make it much easier to locater past posts on any subject.</p> <p>Best wishes</p> <p>Bill</p>

Hi all, I keep my extra supplies in a cool, dry place and do my best to rotate to use the oldest first and the newest last. I suggest to all of my support group members to always have extra on hand... just in case something happens and the monthly shipment is delayed. I also pick up samples of various ostomy products when I can and share them at my support group. Samples are not as common as they once were as suppliers are more strict with giving things away.


Little Red, did you get your Medicare problems with Edgepark resolved? Someone is scamming you. Here in NYS, if you are Medicare primary, you get 20 one-piece or 5 wafers with twenty bags per month, plus all accessories written on your original script--which may be changed by your doctor at any time. No one can ask how much you have left, it's none of their business. As a Medicare recipient, you pay (in NYS) 20% of your order plus your Medicare premiums. Never used Edgepark--not likely I will. However, you can use ANY DISTRIBUTOR YOU WISH, as long as they accept Medicare (they all do, it's their bread and butter). Let 'em have what for, and never suffer unnecessarily. I am not Medicare eligible yet, but as my health insurance is for life, Medicare 'piggy-backs' on my primary, so I won't be paying the 20%. Before you start shouting, make sure you know the absolute parameters of your coverage--here in NYS it is the same for all ostomates, and even with the 20%, it is quite generous. I sometimes order up to my limit to continue to build my emergency stockpile.

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