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Another drawing by me.


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Nice. Glad to see your stuff again.


very talented


Hi Firedup

Terry and I think this drawing is just fantastic and he wants to see more if your up to it' always brightens our day

Buttercup BC


Thank you all for the kind words. I do appreciate each of you. Take care.


Thank you very much Vanessa.


That is truly a winter wonderland! Beautiful!


Thank you Puppyluv.


Any time! Would love to see more of your work! 


I love your work.


Thank you very much dls.


Awesome drawing and very appropriate for the weather we're expecting here in New York tonight!


Thank you Paul. That means a lot to me.

Enjoy your day!


You're welcome!


Hi G!

Your drawing is beautiful. Such detail in each branch. You are truly blessed with talent.


Thank you so much AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Miss you!

Awesome drawing 😃🙏🙏

Thank you very much NewlifeVictoria. Have a great day!


firedup,This is really beautiful work. You are so talented!



Thank you Rebecca. I appreciate the compliment.


What a beautiful drawing! Looks more like a  photograph it is so perfect! 



Thank you very much Pup. Have a great day!


Amazing! I like to paint. I dont know if I could master what you have. 

would any of you go on a dating site???

Your talent is very special 😃Thank you for sharing! Victoria 


Looking Forward, 

I don’t think I would ever go on a dating website! I have been with my husband for 27 years. I know it is different out there in the dating world but that just seems so impersonal. I have younger friends that do use them and they have some crazy stories to tell. Mostly that the person is not what they said they were. Some people pay thousands of dollars with a  guaranteed match within a set period of time but their idea of ideal is way different than my friends! I am sure there are success stories out there but seems the norm is frustrating at best! Wonder what happened to finding a guy through friends, at work, Church, etc. ?


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