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I Just Have to Share

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I just have to share my news!! I am so happy that I was able to eat a Cesar Salad with no problems!!  It was so good!!  It was so refreshing to be able to enjoy a food that I haven't been able to eat for so long.  I just wanted to share this with all of you.   I know it is such a little thing but when you have an ileostomy and foods have been limited, every new step is exciting!!  Thank you for listening!


That is not a little thing if it brings joy into your life.  Good for you, Cesar salad is my favorite, anchovies and all.  yum yum

MeetAnOstoMate - 28,362 members

That is not a little thing if it brings joy into your life.  Good for you, Cesar salad is my favorite, anchovies and all.  yum yum


Hi wondering what made you try it? Will you start eating them now? I’m afraid to eat stuff not and n very again somethings just don’t want it or take risks so I guess I will out on a lot what made you do it?How long you had the ileostomy? I just certain food I will never try again Good luck with all your stuff you try, I’m just scared 😱 Have a good day! Btw that’s not little that’s a big deal to ileostomy s able to do things we never thought we would ever again so yes mam Havr a great day!! Victoria 


Great news Freedancer.  I know how each accomplishment is a wonderful thing.  Really makes us appreciate a lot of little things we took for granted 


Freelancer, I know how you feel. I am happy you enjoyed your salad. I hope you 

will be able to incorporate more foods into your diet eventually.

Best wishes,



that is awesome news freedancer...I have had Ileostomy for 18 years..it takes time to find out what food agrees with you....I can eat everything except ground beef...it always makes me sick after eating it even though i chew very well.. Good luck as you continue your journey..

Best wishes



Hi Freedancer. It’s not at all a little thing. It’s as big a deal to us as it is to you. Maybe bigger because you cared enough to share it with us. Thanks so much.


So glad you tried and it worked out! Always good to try new foods! Small amounts just in case but even those things that did not work before may work now!




This is huge, congratulations and may it be a permanent addition to your diet.  Small thing indeed!  I may have a colostomy but I well remember the days and years (cancer) when my diet was restricted-you think it will never end and give up hope. Well, you just gave a boatload of hope to those on restricted diets who thinik it will never end.  I'm still finding new things I can eat...and getting fat doing it. Oops.

Freedancer, you often post thoughtful and private things that resonate with many of us too frightened to bring to this forum.  Keep eating and reporting and tell us when you're sad, when you're happy and let us follow you along on your jouney. Vicarious living can teach us all.





I bought myself a really good manual mincer and mince the heck out of my salads.  Works well for me and my ileostomy.


Good for you!! I am looking forward to my takedown so I can eat my favorites again too! Best wishes! 



I have had Ileostomy for 5+ years - I was told to only avoid three things - fresh Pineapple, Peanuts and Corn.  Other than that I eat what tastes good.  Sometimes i get a full bag of liquid real quick but thats life :-).   Yummy food and the occaisonal liquid is a small price to pay. 

So go ahead and try what you like you'll be surprised.   I eat things like black pudding, blue cheese, olives, curries etc...

Wishing you well and cheers


Hi how are you doing ? I seem to have problems what I eat but anyway just wondering how you feel? I have a story and I’m sure you do to let’s email nice to meet you NewlifeVictoria 

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