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Blood Donation

Posted by xnine

Since we did not go to Mexico this year I am able to donate again. This will be my 24 time, I thought it was more but that is what my card says. A gift to share.

Records show 34 times but not today. I need 5 years clear from my bladder surgury which would make it May of 2022 before I can donate.

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w30bob : Ok....I'll can't give blood unless you have NOT been to Mexico for a year?? What, prey tell gets into your blood in Mexico that stays there for a year??

May 05, 2020
xnine : Malaria,if you venture off the resort at all there is some kind of chance of malaria. May 05, 2020
w30bob : it. I was thinking Chikungunya fever. Just stay in the DEET cloud and all will be good!

May 05, 2020
Bill : I would have thought that the blood transfusion service would be able to take samples to check if these sorts of things are contaminating the blood. Surely, not everyone who goes to Mexico catches malaria. Does the same ban apply in other parts of the world where there are mosquitoes? May 06, 2020
xnine : The Puerto Vallarta area is in a malaria zone. I expect other countries are too. They test for a lot of stuff, do not know why they do not test for malaria. May 06, 2020
w30bob : Hi Guys,

This is interesting. So you're saying when you show up to give blood they pull a sample (maybe a finger stick?) and actually test your blood before they agree to take it? I haven't given blood in a long time, but all they ever did was give us a piece of paper with a list of diseases..and if you had or have any of them you were not allowed to give blood. Crohn's was on the list so I couldn't give. But what you're suggesting is something I wasn't aware I said....interesting!

May 06, 2020
xnine : The finger prick is to blood type and check your iron level. The rest of the tests are after the fact. May 06, 2020
xnine : Crohn’s is still on the list. May 06, 2020
w30bob : After the fact??? Seriously? So you have to sit there, give up a pint/quart or ?? and THEN they check it to see if they should keep it or throw it away? That seems just a tad backward to me......but ok. I just learned my one new thing for today! Thanks X.

May 06, 2020
bowsprit : One of the reasons given for the low incidence of Covid-19 in Malaria areas is that it provides some immunity to that virus. Nothing confirmed though. Bad bugger it is.Non-stop shivering and high fever but usually not fatal. May 07, 2020
Puppyluv56 : I gave blood for many years at Allied Signal. There was some sort of sticker or something that they would put on your bag of blood that said not to use if you answered a question on the form wrong. They did not want you to be embarrassed in front of coworkers. Why would you want to waste your time and blood to just save face. I would be more like”’hell no, they ain’t stickin me” and move on! Lol
May 07, 2020
bowsprit : Noble gesture. Blood giving. May 08, 2020
xnine : You were left alone in the interview room and asked if you would use your blood for a family member like your mum and then place a use or do not use sticker on your form. May 08, 2020

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