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Ladies And Gentlemen (Freedom Of Expression)

Posted by Angelicamarie

My trip to New Jersey gave me time to think about various things going on in my life at present and in the past.  You see, growing up in my environment that is, in New Jersey my culture, being in the northeastern part of the united states, it's nothing for a women to shave her head. I didnt know I would feel so free! However in the south or the midwest most people are not truly ready for that!

Some women may have a bald head from cancer, autoimmune disease or simply by choice. You really has to have an attitude to wear it and be happy with yourself. Meaning,  love you and do you!!  There goes that inner beauty that I spoke about in my blog, " Beautiful." As stated earlier some are bald due to cancer treatment and some have hereditary baldness, While others just decide to just do it. With men no one thinks to question or gawk or even ask why.  Some will make rude comments or or ask stupid questions such as , "are you sick or what stage are you in in your chemo?"  You can ignore them or simply say to them, "can you make me better or will you make me better. You certainly are not my brothers or sisters keeper. You  feel me?

 My analogy: You're in a shoe store and everyones taste is different. Some women wear 2 inch heels while others prefer 5 inches. Men taste is not the same either, their views are as diversified as we are.  I can quote many old school  sayings such as, " what ever will be will be or it is what it is." Freedom to me is acknowledgement of that nobody can be you but you! So, do you! I'm doing me, So what's your reality? Just expressing my freedom. Now express your self! 


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xnine : I am Ok with that.
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie.
Another great post! It's pleasing to see that there are others thinking about these concepts, questioning and coming up with their own answers.
Many years ago when I considered how I would define 'freedom', I came up with: 'Freedom is Self-Organisation' and therefore, the extent to which someone is Self-Organised is the extent of that person's freedom. Conversely, the extent to which someone is organised by others is the extent of their slavery.
The subsequent interactive process I developed was labelled SOLAR = Self-Organised Living And Reflecting, which had as its goal to help people become more free in their thinking and in their lives.
Best wishes
Angelicamarie : Thanks Bill for responding and commenting on my blog, one day I hope to be a good writer like you!!! Have a good one!!! Angelicamarie
Angelicamarie : Hi X, thanks for responding and commenting on freedom of expression. Have a great day!!
zeppo : Hi!Angel,I"ve been a body builder for 32 years & I still work out.I beieve that working out gets rid of the bd cells & creates new ones along with endorphins as they go hand in hand.I"m the only survivor of a family of five,four with cancer & a Father with a brain hemmrage.My motivation my entire life has been the word "TIGER"my favourite animal.Tiger for me stands for Total Inner Growth Equates Rebirth". Thanks to this I"ve defeated colon & Prostae cancer both diagnosed four months apart.Bill {Zeppo}.
Angelicamarie : Wow Biil that's outstanding, you have to be in great shape! Bill I love tigers too, thanks so much for responding and your comments. Have a wonderful day!! Angel
iMacG5 : From Angel’s Freedom of Expression post, Bill’s SOLAR process and Bill Z’s TIGER concept, there’s lots to think about. How we feel about others’ acceptance or rejection of our behavior often influences how we feel about ourselves. If we feel good about how we dress, groom, walk, talk and all else and those choices don’t offend anyone, then any negative criticism is invalid and shame on “them”. Angel, you mention “It is what it is”. That phrase, together with “Do the right thing” are the basis for what I do and how I do it. It’s certainly not that simple because, sometimes, I can’t really identify what “it” is and don’t always know what the right thing is. I guess I should try to come up with an acronym for this philosophy.
Thanks for the motivation.
Angelicamarie : Good comments Mike, thanks for your response!!Have a great day !!
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie.
I don't often browse the photos section but I did today and I now understand a little more about this post. By the way, you look great with or without hair. There is something intangibly attractive in the eyes, the smile and the demeanour which shines through.
Also, I would like to point out that your post of the 24th - I think was meant for Zeppo and not me. The giveaway was when you mentioned me being in great shape. I only wish I was!!!
Best wishes
Angelicamarie : Bill thank you for the compliment, the comment I would like to be a good writer was meant for you.. The other was meant for Zeppo (Bill) you both have the same name, there was no mix-up friend. Have a great day!!
Bill : Angelicamarie. Thanks for the complement about my writing; they are always nice to receive as I don't really view the output in the same way.
Thank you also for pointing out the error of my ways in not noticing that Zeppo's name was Bill as well; I will take note of that and try not to let it happen again. My apologies to Zeppo-Bill.
Best wishes
almelia : Hi All - I just got back from the longest trip I have taken in many years - 3 flights in all to get me from Newcastle upon Tyne in the Uk - to London Heathrow, JFK, and finally Cincinatti. My planning all went well (I have had my ileo only 18 months but an ACE stoma prior - and I do a lot of short camping trips in the UK with my kayak).
The one tip I discovered on a shorter flight last year is to be sure to order a Gin & Tonic on the flight. Then keep the little gin bottle(s) as it is a superb purse/ pocket size for water to rinse pouch with. I will admit - on one occasion I actually rinsed with tonic water!! (wouldn't waste the gin though ;-D )
Angelicamarie : Hey almelia , great you got to go on a trip, and what a trip!!! Thanks for the tip on the gin bottle!!!
Have a great day and thanks for sharing and commenting, have a wonderful day!!! Angelicamarie

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