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What Is Ostomy Pancaking?

Posted by MeetAnOstoMate
Ostomy pancaking is a term used to describe a situation where the output from an ostomy bag adheres to the stoma, creating a vacuum seal. This causes the bag's walls to collapse inward, forming a pancake-like shape that can interfere with the normal functioning of the ostomy bag.

Ostomy pancaking can cause a number of problems for people with ostomies. It can make it difficult to empty the bag, lead to leaks, and cause skin irritation around the stoma. To prevent pancaking, many ostomy bags feature specialized filters that allow air to flow into the bag and prevent a vacuum from forming. Additionally, choosing the right type of ostomy bag and using appropriate techniques for changing and emptying the bag can help reduce the risk of pancaking. If you are experiencing ostomy pancaking, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider or an ostomy care specialist to determine the best course of action.

There are several things you can do to prevent ostomy pancaking, including:

1. Use an ostomy pouch with a built-in air filter: Many ostomy pouches come with built-in air filters that allow air to circulate within the pouch and prevent the formation of a vacuum. Check with your healthcare provider or an ostomy care specialist to find the right pouch for your needs.

4. Use an adhesive release spray: Spraying the inside of the ostomy pouch with a special adhesive release spray can prevent the contents from sticking to the pouch walls and creating a vacuum seal.

3. Modify your diet: Certain foods, such as bananas, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, can thicken the output of the stoma, making it more likely to pancake. Speak with a registered dietitian to find the right diet for your specific needs.

4. Use proper pouching technique: Proper pouching technique is essential to preventing pancaking. Make sure you are emptying the pouch regularly, using the appropriate amount of lubrication, and ensuring a secure seal.

5. Try different pouching supplies: If you are experiencing persistent pancaking, it may be time to try a different type of ostomy pouch or accessory. A healthcare provider or ostomy care specialist can help you find the right supplies for your needs.

It's important to work with your healthcare provider or an ostomy care specialist to determine the best course of action for preventing pancaking and managing your ostomy.

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