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Posted by Bill

Hello everyone!

It is with full acknowledgement to Bob, for providing the stimulus and the concept for this rhyme that I give to you my thoughts for this morning:-

Best wishes



There was a time, as I recall,
stoma management would be all
I could think about each day
because it would not go away.

There it was, stuck on my side,
so, there was nowhere I could hide,
and it was prone to moan and groan,
therefore, it made its presence known.

Then, everyday I’d tend to it,
for if I didn’t, I would shit
over all my clothes and stuff,
which made me feel I’d had enough.

It wasn’t very nice to be
stuck with this stoma on me,
when it would do just as it pleased
then, made me feel I was diseased.

It took up all may waking thoughts,
until one day, I thought I ought
to bring this thing under control
before it took my very soul.

Each day, I would experiment,
so I could try to circumvent
the problems that were always there
in this sad, and sorry affair.

For many days I cursed and cussed,
until I finally had sussed,
precisely what was right for me,
then, suddenly, I felt so free.

Then, my mind started to wander,
and felt free enough to ponder,
all those other things in life,
free from all that stoma-strife.

B. Withers 2020

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Apr 05, 2020
lovely : You hit the nail on the head Bill. A very good one
Apr 06, 2020
w30bob : Bill.......some of your best work......even if I am a little jaded. As that famous poet W30bob once said;

"If this rhyme was whiskey, I'd buy it by the case
because it put a big-ass smile on my face"


Apr 06, 2020
newyorktorque : This is great Bill

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