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Posted by NewlifeVictoria

Being able to accept my ileostomy and meet a good Osto mate how  will love me  until the end!!! Victoria 

jim : Stay strong all will come to pass. Been there done that.... look for the things that you really love in life, the things you enjoyed doing, start doing them again and leave other's actions off your "important things" list. Don't let them block you. Good people will enter your life in time. It is tough now, no doubt about it. You will be like me. If you could you would go back and beat yourself up for wasting time and not getting smarter sooner. Feb 22, 2019
NewlifeVictoria : Jim Hi thank you very much for replying to my post. I do appreciate you taken the time to do so and I’m very confused in life and this site I wish was easier to understand and able to just click on and get on easy not here for me anyway!! Lol Yes I have helped and made everyone top priority and forgot about me and I have to say it’s been so much since I was a very young age of about 6 years old it was a lot for been through in my whole life I could write a big book really,,, I have to say that this ileostomy life has really made things so difficult now to..,, I appreciate you writing and your having fun guy please write back again Victoria Feb 22, 2019
bearhunter : wow my ex only left twice guess im lucky. you will get through this and it will get easier in time ya may talk to yourself in a bit and think yer going crazy lol i got a puppy after that :) Mar 02, 2019
jim : Use your hardship as a learning tool. I may have had it easier in one respect. I saw so much hurt as a SOG team member in Vietnam. You are probably unaware of what that was all about. But I saw so many people that wished they could live long enough to change their lives. Mountain people that lived on average to only 40 years old, die at 18-20 years along with 248 of us. With about 40 who just vanished never seen or heard from again. After that experience I felt lucky to be in a position to do just that when somehow I made it back. Take the ball and run with it, your future is yours to take, don't vanish or forfeit your time to others. Stay hard stay strong and be the force in your own life. Mar 04, 2019
NewlifeVictoria : Jim thank you ???? please know I appreciate your kindness and help please keep in touch where you at Jim who? Thank you Victoria Mar 05, 2019
jim : I tried to find myself, typed in user name Jim, no one by that name?? I am no longer a full member so that maybe it. Typed in Male, Georgia, my age 73, up pops Jim. Try that and you can read my bio. Sorry I never knew my user name was not listed. Been a member for over 10 years both full member and other. Mar 07, 2019
TomFTW : Hi Victoria! I'm single and looking for the same! I'm in Texas, though. Maybe we can get to know each other on here? Apr 08, 2019
Shitbag : Just wish you didn't live in New Joysie, Because I live in Northern Ontario Canada. Hang in there Victoria. Apr 08, 2019
Pilgrim : I'm in Pennsylvania, there's a United Ostomy Association National Conference in Philadelphia this August. You should try to attend and meet people there. Kevin Apr 10, 2019
Immarsh : Hi Victoria, My name is Marsha, and I have my ileostomy for more than 50 years, since I was a kid of 15.. It wasn't always easy, but after 4 years of being out of school, on home instruction, and in and out of hospitals for over 4 years....I was ready for surgery, and did well in accepting it. I got to go back to school, dated, graduated, and then at 19 had final surgery ( removal of my rectum). I'd met the mother of a guy who had the same surgery, nd she arranged that Ira and I meet. We did, and started dating, and eventually got engaged. As much as we t hought we loved each other, we had different ways of coping, and the surgery alone didn't keep us together. We divorced after 24 1/2 years of marriage, but we had two wonderful sons together. Since the divorce, I finished school, (became a teacher, travelled extensively here in the US, and around the world. I dated some, but never did find another romantic interest / guy that w ould lead to a stable relationship. I traveled until about 10 years ago ( I was 60) and then started developing some medical conditions, but made me "clip my wings". My younger son lives in Australia with his wife and family, and I've missed being about to do the trip. But I have been there 7 times. My ostomy didn't prevent me from doing anything I really wanted to do.. I snorkled on the Great Barrier Reef, and all over the Carribean I travelled extensively in the US< Canada, Mexico & the Carrib. in a single engine plane ( with a travel pal) When that ended, I traveled though Europe, ( discount tours) and then to the more exotic destinations, of Malta, China, Israel, South Africa, Japan...and Israel.. This is a really good site, to make friends, share information, get help with problems, as well as help others. I'd gone to Ostomy Association meetings when I was a kid , in NYC, and then went back to a regional meeting in Washington DC, a few years ago. It's really nice to meet other people. I live in NJ, in the Freehold area, so if you'd like to meet, that's always a possibility. Donn't be scared off by my age ( 70) The body might be old, but the mind is still young. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I know you think that the ostomy has made making friends difficult. It was difficult, at the beginning for friends, and even family to know what to say....and so they stayed away. It really took effort on my part, to get back into the swing of social life, and put the ostomy issues where they belonged... It's not always easy. Best wishes to you. Marsha Apr 22, 2019

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