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Why do you change your barrier when you do?


Hi Ostomy buds,

I'm curious how you've decided on the time interval between your barrier changes. Now that I've stopped using &^%$# stoma powder, and the fact that the shape of my stoma has improved a little over the years, I have been extending my change interval from every other day to every 3rd day. And when I've changed it on that 3rd day (twice now) everything looked great when I pulled the barrier. No signs of impending leakage, the barrier is fully intact, no irritation....everything looks good. So I'm going to make my routine every 3rd day for a while and see how it goes. But maybe I should try for 4 days. Which brings me to my question. For those of you who go 4, 5, 6-10 days between barrier changes......why do you change it at that interval? Just for peace of mind, or do you get leaks, or is there some other reason......I'm curious as to why you change when you do. Let me know.



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I change mine only when the edges start to peel up or if I feel a little burning around the stoma, otherwise I leave it alone :). I figure the less I mess with it the less I'll screw it up lol!  I can usually go 4-5 days without iissues unless I'm in the pool and don't use any kind of waterproofing on the flange, that shortens my wear time. I also blow dry my flange every time I get it wet (I figure everyone else does but I just learned that a few months ago, I'm a relative newbie). 


7-9 days I start getting irritation but even then when I pull it everything looks good, although it does come off fairly easy.



If I smell something. If it blows up. If I feel something. If I see something. My range is 1 to 12 days but often reach 10.


i can go 5 days  just depends on how well you put it on


Monitoring or the flange to appear "water-logged" and change color as well as any skin itchiness. That keeps me to a 4-5 day schedule, but I can go longer in winter ❄


Hello Bob.

My answer is easy. since the first few months of stoma life when I needed to wear a bag. I change every night when I irrigate and use the irrigation sleeve for an overnight 'bag'. In the mornings I have a hot bath and change again for a stoma plug. In the distant past I did try to go for 2 days  but missed it by half a day, so it made much more sense to stick with the 24 hour routine. 

I have much empathy with those who cannot irrigate and need to wear a bag, and I often wonder how I would get on if my circumstances changed. Which is the reason I appreciate these types of posts where the problems are discussed in a frank, open and constructive way. 

Best wishes



Hi all i change mine the morning of the 4th. day, thats always been my routine.


From X amount of years expreince I change mine every 3 or 4 days as I know my skin starts to get irritated if left any longer I never use any stoma powder or barrirer's and very rarely have any skin problems...after over 3o years I still have very healthy skin underneath flange......when I ve been ill have left bag on for upto 2 weeks never had a leak from it but didn't do my skin any favours....Just do what works for you there's no right or wrong way 


Hi,    I think how often one changes iis a personal preferance, with practicality being a mitigating factor..   I have my ostomy for over 55 years, and that first year I was luck  if the temporary paper and plastic pouch stayed on for a few hours.   I was a lso in a back brace for  6 months after,   so I w as used to the every day cleanup.  When I got fitted for what was t he " new" reusable rubber pouch, and plastic flange, I used a flamable glue, to hold t he things in place.     a metal ring fit around the wafer  and edge of the pouch to hold it together, and we used rubber bands to close the spout..    Those supplies, although ugly, and smelly & messy,   actually g ot me through 3 or 4 and sometimes more days...   But I had to give up baths. as soap softened my skin, and caused the paste not to stick..   So I showered, but was able to go in the ocean and the pool ( cold water)...   I don't remember the time f rame, but I do remember the new, disposible, pouches and wafers..    When I put it on for the first time, I actually cried..    I couldn't even feel it, and there was " no weight".   Wear time was between 5 - 7 days...   and that's the way it's r emained for the last 20+ ( or more years).    That is, until I developed some gastric issues, which were  reactions to the normal foods I was eating.   It was IBS symptoms, which seems strange since I have no large intestine ( or rectum),,I finally went to a gastro doctor, who  knew the answer immediately...   Fodmaps...   which are undigestible sugars, that are found in a lot of foods ( beans,  some vegetables, most fruits, and the worst, are artificial sugars...   When ostomates talk about having " bile like output",    think more about possilbe food intolerances...   When something d oesn't agree with me,  first I get gas (  pouch fills up, but no out put) come the cramps, and then the profusion of yellow to green  transparent liquid..   The fiber may find it's way out later...This was happening 2-3 times a week,  even when I ate c arefully... The culprit....drinking lemon or lime / artificial sugar drinks ( no caffein of carbonated drinks for me).   That was the end of crystle lite...    I've spent the last 6 months " testing" various foods and groups, and sometimes, all is well, and other times not so good..  But I have a better sense now, of what will trigger " the runs", and the dehydration.    My diet is now quite restrictive, but I continue to test, foods sporadically..   While I have " the runsn", I can't keep the wafer on for 6 hours, much less a few days.   The acidity eats away at any wafer...   It's b een an upsetting, and depressing situation, but I'm in better control now, and try to be careful...   I can get a 1 day,  3-5 days, or a full seven or more, depending on the output..   Today,   not so good....I leaked unexpectedly, but expected it, because of a very liquid output...   Just  had protein for dinner...    Want to lose weight anyway...    Best of luck with everyone...  Enjoy the summer, but stay safe..


I am one of those 10+ day people. I forget to change it and do not realize how long it has been there unril it starts to look a bit worn or the edges roll down at my waist. I always write the date I change on the flange box and it is almost always 10 days. There have been times I had to change in 5 days if I have been in the pool all day every day. Not often.
i have not had a near leak but once In the last year. Works well for me! 


Usually daily for me, with Convatec Active Life one-piece. In the winter I might go two days, but when it's warm and especially when I'm doing action sports and motorcycle riding, it's changes every morning. For me, it's odor control, itch control, and staying ahead of it before it breaks down and leaks.


If I can keep an appliance on for more than 2 minutes without it leaking under then I count myself lucky. 3 months after colostomy am still in experimental stage of finding the right stuff to work with my nasty stoma. I presently change 1-2 days. It's tiresome. My ostomy nurses have all recommended 3-4 days for "normal" people. 

When I read of those who can wear for 5-10 days, I dream of it!  Perhaps I'll be there some day. For now the experimenting continues. I get samples of convex products, goo, rings, from many companies and keep on trying. I may eventually end up with a Boston surgeon who works with a plastic surgeon to correct stoma's like mine. But I'm not there yet. 

Reply to Anonymous

I am with you on that anonymous.. I have to change mine every other day barley can push 2 days the wafer around my stoma lifts on the bottom eekkk.. I have trying and searching and high low tol please let me know if you find a product that helps and works and I can do the same 🙂


These answers really helped us. The ostomy nurse said to change flange twice a week. We do have periodic issues with leakage, so when we find something that works I hate taking it off. My husbands skin looks good so far, so I know now we can play it by ear.


Hey handsome Bob....prior to me wven using barrier ring I was a 3 day bag girl now with I am 7 days tops they break down by day 7 you know its change time....Have a great friday and smile on 

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