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Barbie bum...


4 weeks after surgery and I now seem to be getting nappy rash from the pads, that I'm having to wear nothing seems infected anyone else get nappy rash or any complications after having a barbie bum installed. I feel like all im doing is worrying about it. Also yellow seepage coming from the wound still but been told its normal.  Just can't seem to put my mind at ease, the stoma itself has hit me like a duck to water its really not bothered me at all but this barbie bum has me on edge all the time looking out for infections etc. 

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Sam, I used a soft piece of surgical gauze instead of pads when I had the same issue ... it just takes a long time . When you see your surgeon again or nurse , ask them if you can put something on it . Mine had said no , just be patient and keep it dry . Eventually this will seem like a bad memory and you'll be thankful it was done . Mine took months to heal completely.
Try not to stress , Ritz 

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Thank you Ritz. Its just a big worry with not really being able to see it, I'm thankfully in no pain but I do worry about infections an awful lot at the moment. I will give my stoma nurse a ring in the morning and hopefully get seen just incase. Sammie 


Hi Samantha,

you're so young and sooooo brave! You can do hard things! Give it some time to heal and all will be well. We are all here for you for any questions or to vent! Lots of us have been in same situation. As Ritz said, time will heal and help. One day at a time. I'll be praying for you!


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Thanks you very much! Its just a worry as my family have been saying you'd think I'd be more bothered about my stoma than my bum haha, its all I've been complaining about. The stoma itself hasn't faised me at all ive been through enough in the past 10 years with crohns and I think im ready to take my life back again haha. I've seen a massive change in the four weeks of having a stoma that I dont think I could go back even though I cant now lol. Thank you again for your kind words. 😊


You said it kiddo! You're ready to take your life back, and you will! This unfortunate situation will actually turn out to be a blessing in many ways you can't imagine yet. Stay positive and keep smiling! You can do anything you want to do, and suffer less pain! Best of luck 🍀

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Thank you 🙂


As an old nurse an infection will stink.  If you have yellowish even blood tinged it is normal healing process.  I sure can tell others not to worry when I freak easy but worry has never gotten me anywhere.  I wonder where worry came from in the first place?  God bless you with quick healing so you can go have some fun.

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Thank you Gimo, I'm usually not a worrier but not being able to see has made me worry, mind is at ease thanks to you lovely ladies! 


You've got this! Stay strong 💪 


Unfortunately it takes a very long time to heal.  I won't tell you how long mine took so I don't depress you, but mine was very, very long.  Hopefully yours won't be long.  You do get used to it, and you can be confident it will eventually heal, so hang in there.

The reason it takes so long is that the skin has to granulate.  If you think of a slice wound on your finger, if you can keep the sides together (like with a bandage or even a stitch), then the edges that touch rapidly grow together.  If they are not touching and there is a valley in between, then lots of new skin needs to fill in (that is granulation), and that takes time.  The nature of this area is that sitting, walking, etc. keep pulling things apart, so you end up with lots of granulation needed.  It's also an area that gets warm, so there can be some dampness from sweating.  I never had an issue from infection, so I doubt that is a concern, even if it is wet, yellowish or red.

The thing that really helps it is packing it.   That means taking a strip of gauze (look for packing gauze) or rip strips from a pad, and pack it in as tightly as you can.  This absorbs moisture, helps granulation by keeping new skin from re-opening, and generally makes it feel better.  Pack it as tightly as you can and if it gets damp, change it often.  Expect it to get yellow or occasionally red.  That's not a problem.

Just give it time, don't fret, and good luck.

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Oh thank you very much. My worry is because I cant see it lol I think if I could see it I wouldnt be such a worry, its definitely an awkward place to have stitches and heal but I will get there definitely I'm not too bothered about the time it will take, thank you again.


It's been four months since I had my colon removed. I didn't have the Barbie bum surgery at the time and my surgeon says it's really up to me if I want to have it. I've read the pros and cons, but still struggling with this decision. I really don't want anymore surgeries.  I'm wondering how others made the decision.

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I didn't really have a choice it was either keep the broken parts and risk cancer and continue being really poorly or have a permanent end ileostomy and barbie bum, I'm only 4 weeks post op and if I'm honest it was worth it for me everyone has different experiences but mines been great so far just uncomfortable and abit tender as expected from such a big surgery. Ive also read its less likely for future problems with the rectum being removed. I hope you make the right decision for yourself and maybe ask a few more people before deciding I hope this helps just a little. Sammie 

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Thanks for your response, Sammie.  Wishing you continued healing.


Never a problem, I wish I could be more help information wise and experience, some of the lovely ladies and gents on this forum could possible give you some insight 😊 maybe write a post and see if you can gather more information to make your decision that way. 


I got my Barbiebutt(Kenbutt for me) in March after surgery removing everything from rectal cancer. Like you, having a bag is no issue for me as it is way better than what I was going through before surgery. It takes time for everything to heal and keeping the area clean and dry is really all you can do. Stay in contact with your doctor/nurse. Things will get better.


Hi Sam

Please be very careful with packing. I am a lead practice nurse in a GP practice where we see wounds on a daily basis. The only time any wound should be packed is the first 2_4 week. After this time any dressings should be layered not packed, by packing you are preventing natural drainage of fluid which if left in the wound could turn into a infection. XX


Hey Sam ..I was just wondering....what exactly is "Barbie bum?"🤔

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Barbiebum or Barbiebutt.....where your butt is sewn shut. Once it heals it looks like a Barbie doll butt. Guys call it Kenbutt or GI Joebutt. 


Thanks Alex. Very interesting. 🤔 I have always wondered what my butt looks like inside now considering now its just basically for show. My 9 year old niece likes to remind me that I don't have a normal butt hole anymore. She actually told her whole school on "talk about a favorite family member day"...

"My Aunt T has Crohn's Disease and has a bag that hangs out of her stomach. She explained it to me one day and asked me if I thought it was interesting. I told her no it is gross. But she is my favorite Aunt. She spends a lot of time with me even though she is sick all the time" - Olivia



Yes it's just another name for the removal of the rectum and everything that goes with it. 

I too would like to know what it looks like now lol, I've had a few times my partner has asked if I've let rip and ive had to remind him I no longer have a let rip hole lol.

It's amazing what kids take in really isn't it lol bless her heart. My nieces don't really understand just yet but I dont think they knew I was unwell before surgery I'm the wild aunt that gets us into trouble lol.  

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I had my rectum removed & anus covered with plastic surgery the next day after 15 hour op day before then another 10 plastics! When I came out of induced coma after two weeks & fighting off sepsis, E. coli & pneumonia & ran out of antibiotics to battle it & had to have a trial drug that saved my life but left me with nerve damage & woke up to twin man bags!! I asked the nurse to take a photo of my beloved bum to reveal a patch work quilt like road atlas map like thing I could not recognise anymore? But sure as hell would I want any more surgery on it for love nor money! Also had a big sink hole between my ball sack & where anus was perineum which was 90mm x90mm deep & wide & took months of packing to heal! As for a barbie bum or Ken bum or death by bum bum no way Jose! 

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