Protecting Pouches from Claws: Sleeping with a Cat

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This forum discussion is about how to protect an ostomy pouch while sleeping with a kitten or cat.


Hi all,

I have a kitten...7 months old now...she wants to sleep with me but I am scared to let her because of her claws and my pouch.

How do y'all protect your pouches while sleeping?

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I have three cats, two of which sleep with me. I have never had a problem with them clawing at my bag. Sometimes they will jump on my stomach, but I just make sure they don't go near my stoma. If I were you, I wouldn't sweat it and just enjoy your kitty while they are young. The time goes by too fast!

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Maybe you could use a small pillow or a doubled towel over your stoma.


Hello sunflower111. 

Before retirement, my wife and I used to work in our pet grooming salon and there was a constant danger for me with dogs or cats paws damaging the stoma. At the time I acquired a 'stoma-guard' from 'somewhere' but I cannot now recall where.

It was a simple plastic device that covered the stoma and had a drainage shape at the base to let any waste escape.  It reminded me of a smaller version of a 'cricket box' which protects mens privates from the potential harm of a cricket ball.

Anyway, it did the job and gave me peace of mind whilst in that vulnerable position. 

I feel sure the someone on here will know wqhere you could get such a device. 

Best wishes



I have four cats and one sleeps in our bed every night, sometimes two.  I've never had a problem.

Reply to Bill

Thanks. I will Google it. :)


My cat sleeps with me every night. I make sure to have something a little thick over it, that the claws can't pierce.


I adopted my cat shortly after I got my ostomy, he was 8 months old when I got him and now he is 12 years old!
He sleeps between my knees or next to my head.
I just move him if he is in an uncomfortable spot. He has been on and around my pouch at various times and never stayed, and he has never punctured it (accidentally or otherwise).


I have 4 cats and only one likes to cuddle, and when he does, it's more like spooning. So I don't worry. I have cat beds on my bed for the others. If you are wearing underwear and pajamas, I think it would be rare for your kittens' claws to puncture your pouch. You can always put a nice cat bed right next to you and train your kitty to sleep in there.


My cat sleeps with me every night and it's never been a problem. He did poke a small hole in it once by accident while playing on my blanket, but I noticed the smell escaping before there was any "damage" to my clothes or sheets. I wouldn't worry about it! The joy of having sleeping kitty cuddles is very therapeutic.


When I had my urostomy surgery a little under five years ago, both of my cats were very careful with the bag. My current cat is also very careful -- they are smarter than we think!


Hi, Sunflower!

I adopted my boy about 5 years prior to my surgery, and before it, he loved to cuddle with me, lying on my abdomen. Since the surgery, I still cuddle with him, let him jump up on me when I'm relaxing on the couch, but I'm still protective of my appliance and guide him around, away from it. I have him lay on my chest now, or just off to the side, and he's fine with the adjustment. He DID accidentally poke a hole in it once.

I rarely let him sleep under my sheet blankets with me, and they're so thick that it's not an issue when he's on top of them. I do, however, try to keep him from walking on top of my stoma appliance - NOT comfortable!

I love cats too much NOT to have them in my life, and they don't know what they're doing... Sometimes. LOL



I sleep with dogs and cats and somewhere in there is a husband. I have a lumbar pillow, not too awful thick, that sits on my pouch every night, with my hand on the pillow (under the sheets and blankets). It helps that I sleep like the dead, but I have been woken up a few times by a critter wanting to be on that very spot. So I redirect that one. I think they have all figured it out! I think any kind of unusual lump on a new place on you wouldn't be an attraction to an animal accustomed to sleeping with you. And keep kitty's nails trim! If you are truly concerned, you can get caps to put on its nails. Sounds tougher than it is, I've used them a few times on foster cats.


I have a very cute kitten, he is more than 2 years old. He also likes to lie down next to me and sleep. He looks so cute, shows a warm closeness, and considers himself a companion. My bed also has a lot of space, but it doesn't seem to bother me at all, sleeping very obediently and beautifully. If you like sleeping with your cat but are afraid that they will scratch the bag, you should keep the items away from them.


We have five cats (and a dog) but only one of the cats insists on laying on top of my stomach. I just make sure I have a blanket to provide cushioning between her and the bag and/or shift her to the other side. It's been a few months now and she's getting the idea although she is admittedly very stubborn about wanting her way. At night I tend to sleep on one side or the other and she "yells" at me about it then settles next to me and purrs :-)

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