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Seeking replacement for Hollister 7730 - Stoma-friendly water resistant adhesive

Thu Jan 06, 2022 5:38 am
"This is the best website for people with an Ostomy, hands down. So much understanding. Everyone should join."

So the title says it all really.

I've been advised by my local ostomy supplier that Hollister 7730 adhesive spray is being discontinued.  I promptly phoned the local hollister agents and they confirmed that its a global withdrawl by the manufacturer.  They didn't know why, but its presuambly either due to material regulation, or because its not profitable.  I'd be happy to pay double the price - I've been buying my own supplies of 7730 for 20 years, as it only recently got approved by my provider here in australia, and swimming and water enjoyment is worth the price to me.

So I'm now searching for alternative adhesives to use to ensure my appliance (usually stoma caps post-irrigation) remain attached during swim workouts in public swimming pools, as well as in the surf, as I live in Oz and am an active Surf Life Saver.

I wrote to hollister appealing their decision, but in the meantime am hunting for good alternatives, even if I have to source them from overseas, as I doubt I can persuade them with a single email to change their position.

My needs are simple - and I'm sure you can all appreciate them..

1. Stay attached in the pool - without glue, a patch lasts only a few laps (once an edge starts to lift, its over).  Its a bit like showering with a bag on - the sticky wafer adhesive backing doesn't stick to wet skin, and the movement means it pulls off very quickly.

2. Not cause additional emotional discomfort to me through being more noticeable than a stoma patch (currently using Dansac Nova caps - used to use Braun Biotrol Petite by they got discontinued ugh, and coloplast ones were too plasticky)

Adhesive alternataives found/considered so far:

3m Pink Tape - we've all seen/used it.. its frankly very unsightly and makes me feel like my stoma is a bit too noticeable, not to mention its a pain to cut and stick straight tape to a round appliance.  Useless to me for swimming.

Hollister Adapt Barrier Extenders - fiddly, and made of the same material as the appliance's adhesive backing - i.e. once it gets wet under the edge it starts to peel (tested in the shower)

Nu-hope adhesive - https://www.nu-hope.com/2018/11/15/how-to-use-nu-hope-adhesive/ - haven't tried it, as its not available here in Oz.. but it says "natural rubber" which likely means latex.. which my partner is skin-touch allergic to.

Torbot adhesive - https://torbot.com/product/product-375/ - again haven't tried it, but is definitely latex based.

If anyone else has an adhesive of some kind to keep appliances attached whilst swimming, or even just knows about possible candidates, please share info.



Thu Jan 06, 2022 6:26 am

Hello SF.

I have just spent a couple of hours on the phone to both Coloplast and Hollister  and they both told me that they had not heard that 7730 was being withdrawn. Hpowever, I persisted with Hollister and the nice lady said she would get in touch with their manufacturing side just to check. She came back to confirm that they are indeed withdrawing it as soon as their present supplies run out. When asked why, she says that it was made to suppoort their products and now the adhesive on the products don't warrant that sort of support. She is going to send me some samples of somethig  called 'Tre seals' which apparently have sticky both sides, which might be suitable for my needs, but I have no idea if it will also be re;levant for water sports. It might be useful for you to ask for some samples  to try them out as well.

I will now get in touch with my GP to see how many of the 7730's I can order before they run out completely. 

Thanks for the heads up about this as it's obvious that even the distributors don't know that they will soon be unavailable. 

Best wishes


MeetAnOstoMate - 26,431 members
Thu Jan 06, 2022 7:50 am

Have you tried any rings? I found Salts rings to last the longest. Have not tried them swimming yet. I also ware a wrap all the time and when swimming, wave jumping. But have not been anywhere to do that for a couple years.

Thu Jan 06, 2022 7:55 am

You can buy the 7730 online at multiple places, looks to be around $27/can. Good stuff, I've used it before.

Thu Jan 06, 2022 12:59 pm

Here is a link to Amazon they seem to have a lot.  


Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:53 pm

Bill wrote:

Hello SF.

I have just spent a couple of hours on the phone to both Coloplast and Hollister  and they both told me that they had not heard that 7730 was being withdrawn. Hpowever, I persisted with...

Thanks Bill for persisting and confirming with the UK agents too.

I get samples fairly regularly to try out new products/alternatives as I've had a stoma for 20 years (got mine in my mid-20's after nasty bowel cancer), and products change every few years as technology changes.

I'll phone and get some samples of the Tre seals and also the Salt seals xnine's also mentioned.  Both look similar in appearance - and both are handily actually available here in Australia under the stoma appliance schedule.

Here are the links to them from some quick googling:

I'll get a 30mm pre-cut sample or two of the Dansac Tre seals


And likewise will order samples of these Salt rings too - assuming they're the right ones:


Lastly - I'll phone hollister again.  I've been using the sme stoma caps for about 3 years so if there's a more sticky stoma cap I can try I'll give that a go, but its doubtful as I checked stoma caps on the market a year or so ago after Braun discontinued the excellent Biotrol Petite (which were the least noisy appliance I've had ever).

Thanks Bill and xnine!

Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:57 pm

AlexT wrote:

You can buy the 7730 online at multiple places, looks to be around $27/can. Good stuff, I've used it before.

And for the lovely people posting links to online places to purchase - those sellers are just selling stock and probably don't know its disappearing.  Ironically, it seems from my google searching for replacements, that there are a number of non-stoma applications for 7330 where people like it and use it without many good alternatives - e.g. attaching body prosthetics.

For those purchasing - it was much cheaper here in Oz to just buy direct from Hollister, as the online merchants seem to make big markup.

Thu Jan 06, 2022 4:13 pm

swimfit wrote:

And for the lovely people posting links to online places to purchase - those sellers are just selling stock and probably don't know its disappearing.  Ironically, it seems from my google searching...

I don't know how much of the stuff you use, but if I was you, I'd be buying as much as possible while there's still stock to buy. 

Sat Jan 08, 2022 3:35 pm

Hello Everyone!

When things go wrong, my response is often to write a rhyme to suit the occasion. occasionally, this has had the effect of changing the situation for the better, prompting those in positions of authority to change policies and perspectives. 

I thought that this particular rhyme might be sent to Hollister to see what their response might be. (we have little to lose!)

Perhaps you could read it and check for any errors before I send it,

Thanks and best wishes



Sometimes if I can write a rhyme
about the plight of folk in time,
kind people might be more inclined
to listen and then change their mind.

Sometimes decisions people make
have consequences in their wake,
which have not fully been foreseen
so, folk who make them are not mean.

It’s just they’re missing all the facts
that follows from their routine acts,
so, once they know the implications
they may change their inclinations.

Of course, there are those who may say
that kindness really doesn’t pay,
and businesses must make a profit
so they may make a living off it.

It’s true, some have this attitude,
but business has some latitude
to show they can have empathy
and maybe even sympathy.

But, for these kindly traits to show,
decision makers need to know
the impact that they have on those
who very often don’t disclose.

Thus, I write rhymes to help folk say
what problems they face day by day,
then when people can hear their voice
it might lead to a kinder choice.

For I believe the choice is there,
where anyone can show they care
by making choices that will not
make some lives harder than they’ve got.



This rhyme is aimed at Hollister
and their adhesive canister,
which it’s been said will be withdrawn,
causing stoma folks to mourn.

Within this rhyme, I’d like to show,
some of the things that you should know
about decisions that you’ve made
and how consequences cascade.

I cannot praise ‘Adapt’ enough
for it has proved to be the stuff
that sticks appliances so well
when wearing them you’d hardly tell.

It sticks when dry and sticks when wet
so, in those times when we may get
into the water or the sea
our bags will not simply break free.

Whenever we want them to stick
Adapt adhesive does the trick,
so, it is no coincidence
that we can build self-confidence.

It seems there’s no alternative
like this adhesive fixative,
that has, for so many of us
helped to secure without a fuss.

When products work, we all agree,
that stoma patients can feel free
to live our lives more normally,
which means it’s much more orderly.

I wish to urge Hollister staff
to think about the other half,
and keep this product, so we may
continue living in this way.

                                     Be Withers 2022

Sat Jan 08, 2022 5:25 pm

This is the one I use. It is 35mm but I only need 27mm so I fold over a bit and flaten it out and cut off any excess. I have got up to 20 days but mostly 10, been using them for a couple months.

Sun Jan 16, 2022 5:33 am

I talked to a lovely woman at Convatec locally who called me to ask for address info after I ordered some samples on their website.  She didn't know of any specific alternative products to 7730, but was very knowledgeable about a lot of ostomy products and eliminated a few of the options I was considering, like stoma paste (designed to improve adhesion by smoothing the surface of the skin).

Thanks Xnine - I've got some Dansac Tre Seals now to try in the shower (safe test before I try products swimming), and have ordered some of the Salts Aloe Rings too.

Convatec are sending me a silicone skin spray - which is applied to the skin rather than the appliance, to see whether it provides a good enough result.

At this stage, it seems fairly clear there's no direct equivalent to 7730 (i.e. no medical grade silicone-based adhesive spray).. but I'm determined to find a way to swim regularly, so will keep updating here as I try products.

Wed Jan 19, 2022 2:50 am

Hello Everybody.
Just to update you all on my progress with regard to Adapt 7730 medical adhesive withdrawal.
I had a telephone call from a very nice lady at Hollister/Dansac , who thanked me for my rhymes and explained the business rationale for withdrawing this product;
Apparently, it was developed because the sticky on their wafers was not always good enough in the past. This has now changed and the wafers do the job well, so there is no need for them to supply extra adhesive.
That said, they have tried to be helpful in my finding alternative products and sent me an email, which I will reproduce below:
As and when I get round to trying out some of these other products, I will let you know how I get on.
Best wishes


Manfred Sauer UK Ltd * Original Skin Latex Adhesive in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator. 50.01

* Pure Latex Skin Adhesive without any skin care components giving a stronger bond, in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.

* Lanolin Free Latex Skin Adhesive for people allergic to lanolin, in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.

* 50% reduction in skin care components, in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator.

* 2% Resin giving a stronger bond than the original adhesive 50.01, in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator. Should only be tried after 50.01 is found to be too weak. 5

* 12% Resin giving a stronger bond than the 2% resin adhesive 50.20, in a 28g tube with a long pipette/nozzle applicator. Should only be tried after 50.20 is found to be too weak.

Prosthetic Solutions Ltd Zeflosil Silicone Adhesive

Salts Healthcare Latex Adhesive Solution

Technovent Ltd G626 Probond Secure Adhesive

* Safe for direct application on the skin

IO have ordered a sample of the Dansac X-tra strips for you to have a look at.
If you want to have a look, they are on our website

The samples should be with you by the end of the week.

Thank you for taking the time time to write to us, we really enjoyed your poems.

Fri Mar 18, 2022 10:02 pm

Thanks Bill for sharing.

I've tried a few things in the last month or two - to no avail as yet.  Nothing I've been sent as samples sticks as well, or is as invisible, as the hollister spray on the back of a stoma cap's adhesive wafer.  Certainly nothing I'd trust to take to the public swimming pool and use there.

Another one my research dug up:


I asked them about Urobond III but its been discontinued in favour of Uro-bond V.

I bought a bunch of cans of Hollister when I first heard  it was being discontinued - so I've got some time, and will probably try the Uro-bond above as its available here in Oz too and hence easy to get.

Sat Mar 19, 2022 2:50 am

Hello swimfit.

Thanks for drawing the Uro-bond to our attention. If it works It looks as if it may well be a useful product to replace 7730.

I am presently in an ongoing conversation with Hollister/Dansac about this issue and, having assured me that they are making relevant enquiries, they are due to ring me back next week. 

If anything useful comes of that, I will of course post on here.

Best wishes


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