COVID with an ileostomy: My battle with the virus


Well, my friends, Covid sucks. Plain and simple. I've done everything possible to keep it away: vaccines, boosters, masks, avoiding large crowded places.
Since the first of the year, I've had a cough, high fever, vomiting... it all. I tested positive and am now on Pfizer's Paxlovid regimen of pills and got the microbial antibodies IV. I've been to the ER twice and, sodium, potassium, 3 bags of fluids later, I'm finally able to lift my arms to fix some eggs. I'm still weak and tired... so very tired.
Please take care of yourselves.... really. This is so much worse than the flu, and changing my appliance is now a chore.
Stay safe out there... this is no joke.

Your friend, Ritz


Get well soon. My son was exhausted for about a week and would get out of breath just walking across the house.

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Oh, Ritz - I'm so sorry to hear this news!

I'm doing the same as you have: masking, avoiding large crowds, all of my shots, etc. I've been fortunate, so far, and have the feeling that with all of the current variants of COVID - and those to come - all of us will contract this virus. The entire situation is so frustrating, when we do all that we can and friends loved ones still come down with this virus.

My niece and her father's sister both contracted COVID a little over a week ago. My niece is 17, her other aunt in her 70s.

Continue to take care of yourself, Sweetie. Take one hour at a time, see a doctor when you need to, don't hesitate to call 911 if your symptoms take a turn for the worse. Update us all when you're able.

Big, Non-Germy E-Hug


Past Member

Get well soon.


Tomato soup and crackers, feel better soon.

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Hello Ritz.
I am so sorry to hear that you have contracted the covid virus and associated symptoms.
My wife and I have been very fortunate so far, but my daughter and her children have all had it . The kids were okay and recovered in no time, but my daughter has had similar symptoms to the ones you describe for months. She has only just gone back to work on light duties, but is still not back to normal for her.
Thank you so much for feeding us this first-hand information as it confirms how bad this thing can get despite the vaccines and the medication. I dread to think what it would be like without them.
Get well soon
Best wishes



Thank you for sharing.

My daughter lives with me and just this last week tested positive. She's been very ill, but thankfully has not had to go to the ER. We both are fully vaccinated and wear our masks, wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer and microbial wipes, stay home as much as possible (to the point of ordering most necessities online and sanitizing the items when they arrive); the whole nine yards, but still it made its way in.

I am doing everything I possibly can to help her, and yet not contract it.

I do hope you get well very soon!!! Keep hydrated, try to get in some proteins as much as you can, and most of all keep fighting!!! Prayers and good wishes are being sent your way.



Past Member sorry to hear XX. So you're losing lots of fluids. Take care and good luck.



Oh Ritz, you are right, this sucks big time! So sorry to hear what you are going through. I guess the only upside is to realize it would have been even worse if you hadn't been fully vaxxed. I sure hope things get better for you quickly. Sending lots of positive vibes your way my friend.


Earth Angel

Ritz, I'm so sorry to hear you're so sick! It's so frustrating but just hang in there and take it easy - you'll come around and feel so much better soon! I'll say a little prayer for you, honey! Make sure you're hydrating - it's huge in getting well. Keep us posted on how you're recovering!

Sending hugs.


Hey Ritz, that's awful to hear. Wishing you a speedy recovery and don't rush things. I've been lucky. I have all my vaccines and booster, but I wear a mask when out at stores or when playing in my pool league. Take care. Mike


Ritz, sorry you have COVID. I pray you will have a speedy recovery.

TreeOfHope, I pray your daughter gets over this quickly and that you don't get it.


Hi Ritz

Here's hoping you make a full recovery. In the meantime, continue to get plenty of rest and lots of fluids. Listen to your body. If it says it's tired, then stop what you are doing and sit down. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. XX

ron in mich

Hi Ritz, sorry to hear that. You've got a lot of good advice here, so here's hoping you feel better soon.

Reply to Superme

I had mine too (vaccines and booster) and very diligent about wearing masks, etc. This variation is terrible in Arizona. Stay safe and well.

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Mom of 94 is positive also

Morning glory

Ritz, so sorry you have COVID. As others have said, stay hydrated. Praying for a speedy recovery for you.


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Sorry to hear you got Covid and had such a struggle - I'm wondering if your hospitalizations, etc. happened before or after you used Paxlovid and antibodies? Did you feel the Paxlovid made it worse? My friend said her symptoms of diarrhea got worse w/ Paxlovid which worries me as an Iliostomy person.

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